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Skyline Gang San Diego

Skyline gang san diego

This picture on this post is small, you can download it in download link. Read more here.

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Top complete crip gang codes symbols knowledge
blood piru knowledge tattos
Blood Piru Knowledge : coolest equipment

Skyline Piru : blood piru knowledge

Skyline Piru : blood piru knowledge

80s Park Skyline Piru is the largest (with some island residents) gang in San Diego. They work in the southeast and are locked with next door neighbor's Bang Oferell 60s Bloods Park and Paradise Hills Park Side in the Lincoln Park Bloods 50s. Lincoln Park is also active in the South and scared green cloths. Lincoln Park was once a Piru gang until there were many murders once between Lincoln Park and Skyline Piru Piru. These two gangs have taken to it as the most friends of my generation remember. Prolly since '79-'80. I'm not a Skyline, but grows in the region, I was friends with the members of the SP and OPB.

Skyline is
Skyline Piru 69st.Tops Park (Top Of The Boys Hills)
Skyline Piru 69st.Bottoms (LowBottoms)
Skyline Piru GPM (Ganster Mafia Pimp clicked Oferell Park 60s / MOC 68th Street Gang)
Oferell Park's 60 68th Street Gang Bang / OPB GPM

  1. skyline gang san diego
  2. bloods signs
  3. crip codes
  4. blood stacking
  5. bounty hunter blood knowledge
  6. blood gang signs and symbols
  7. Bloodstone villian blood gang
  8. crips bloods-skyline piru

Crips Bloods "are you my friends?"

In Los Angeles and other urban areas in the United States, training of street gangs increased at an alarming rate during the years 1980 and 1990. The Bloods and Crips, the gang most famous of Los Angeles, primarily African American [1] and they have steadily increased in number since their inception in 1969. There are approximately 600 gangs in Los Angeles County city with a growing Asian gang population of approximately 20,000 members.

  1. bloods signs
  2. blood gang signs and symbols
  3. Bloodstone villian blood gang
  4. crips bloods-skyline piru
  5. crip codes
  6. blood stacking
  7. skyline gang san diego
  8. bounty hunter blood knowledge

Blood Stacking : First Stacking Video

And what exactly do you call people ignorant whites who the terrorists that you speak? What do you call the whites who are school shooting, raping little children and give a sermon one hours later? The killing of innocent people at work, because they hate the boss? Rape, steal, rob, you can not name one race that is innocent of all this. Acting as blacks are the only ones you see in the newspaper or on the news. The whites have been guilty of some of the most horrific crimes.

  1. skyline gang san diego
  2. crip codes-blood stacking
  3. bounty hunter blood knowledge
  4. bloods signs
  5. blood gang signs and symbols
  6. Bloodstone villian blood gang
  7. crips bloods-skyline piru

Not Just Blood Code "CRIP Codes"

CRIP Codes-blood piru knowledge

Name Crip = BK = Blood Killaz Rollin 30's New York M SET 40 might indicate that all is in Manhattan, 140th Street. Note the six-pointed star gang identification of the Folk Nation, which is co-opted by the Crips.
Crip tag photographed in the Mott Haven / Port Morris section of the Bronx. Again we see the six-pointed star.

  1. blood gang signs and symbols
  2. crip codes-blood stacking
  3. crips bloods-skyline piru
  4. skyline gang san diego
  5. bounty hunter blood knowledge
  6. bloods signs
  7. Bloodstone villian blood gang

Blood Gang Signs and Symbols

Blood Gang Signs and Symbols-tree top piruAt this time in writing about the Blood Gang Signs and Symbols, I do not discuss it directly here. Because I've never written before. Please see some links below where I've written about Blood Gang Signs and Symbols.

crip codes-bounty hunter blood knowledge-Bloodstone villian blood gang-blood stacking-crips bloods-skyline piru-skyline gang san diego-bloods signs-blood gang signs and symbols

Blood Gang Start : "Join Us"

blood gang start-tree top piruThe Bloods started in Los Angeles as a street gang in the 1960s. The Bloods arises as a force in contrast to their rivals the Crips.

blood gang signs and symbols-crip codes-blood stacking-crips bloods-skyline piru-skyline gang san diego-bounty hunter blood knowledge-bloods signs-Bloodstone villian blood gang

Friday, August 28, 2009

"educate baby into what is gang" blood piru knowledge

Blood gang and why should the baby, Blood gang educate baby into what is gang, are you agree? This is an act of egregious and damaging for this baby.

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O-Tray pirus gang "Street is Mine"

O-Tray pirus gang-tree top piru-blood gang
o-tray turquoise part of a gang that be an alley of BLOOD. BLOOD itself has a very wide area.

blood gang signs and Clothing

if some dude yur innocent who do not realize he did was wut gang clothing and it is slaughtered, then what? all about blood piru knowledge here.

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Grape Street Watts Crips Knowldege "GSW"

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Grape Street Watts Crips Knowldege

73 a gang sign symbol-crip nation-mob town piru-blood gang codes-MS 13 gang-5 point star rollin 20s blood-gangster killer blood knowledge-211 blood killer gang tattoos-writing a 3 blood gang-gang crip symbols

70 Armed Blood and over 200 Crip armies "Possible"

70 Armed Blood and over 200 Crip armies-blood piru knowledge

How is it possible to 70 armed blood to exist in a pool of over 200 Crip armies? How many of you have thought seriously about these dynamics? The Blood armies are clearly in a minority of some 3-1 in a city dominated Crip, region, especially when comparing the numbers: 70 of blood, but not only armies still exist, but they are growing and prosper as never before. But how is this possible? How can an army Sang existence, especially when the boundaries were made on all sides by hostile armies Crip, who always bend their will to another blood rival relegated to the afterlife? Blood of every army that exist within its own borders, they can easily be surrounded by three (3) or more armed CRIP.

Gangster Killer Blood Knowledge

Gangster Killer Blood Knowledge

Gangster Killer Bloods leader Victor "Little Vic" Lopez, 26, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter on March 25, 2005, shooting death of Edwin "Dino" Andino. Andino, 19, was shot in Houghton and Walnut avenues in Trenton. Lopez, a captain in the Gangster Killer Bloods ", he told two co-defendants who were the band of soldiers to open fire on the corner while he waited in a van. But Lopez, in response to questions from his lawyer, Bruce Throckmorton, the judge and the deputy prosecutor, said he had a personal conflict with people hanging around that corner, instead of a gang-related feud. Asked by Assistant Prosecutor Skylar Weissman what his rank was in the gang, Lopez said that he was a "five star".
Lopez will be sentenced in February to 15 years in prison and must serve at least 12 3 / 4 years before he can be released, Superior Court Judge Thomas Kelly. The sentence will be carried out simultaneously with a 71-month federal prison in 2005 Lopez made of wearing a semi-automatic Uzi gun and wearing a bulletproof vest.

BLOOD Animation Picture "FOR myspace"



It's some Blood gang animation picture. If you want to save and publish this just copy, and go to the man profile who have this picture.

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CRIP "What up!"

CRIP gang

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Basikally blood that click on one of BLOOD fam was dominant NHB's R'20. Our Klick is Kalled. well to tell u da truth we all goin through some name changes as different names in exxplains graffiti. But essentially, we Kalled "8 Mile Young Thugz" AKA "Lunatik" We have a myspase musik bekause neighb we love the Illest shit you ever heard spit, so Look for BL20D. Ima spit a little story about how NHBL20DS started and how 8MI YT'z AKA Lunatik started with a lil later .. Well, I think the future .. It is a strange story about how the NHB 20's got started this way in the murder mitten state of Michigan. The house had a book Kalled Smokey "Home Of The Body Bags" is a true story, written by Terrell Wright Cortez aka Loko. Well, I looked at the book and fell on the big address Lokos home. I wrote to him, he wrote me back and I never Sines bl20din basikally. da rest is history. Terrell "LOKO" Wright is the author of the best in da world. if B is fetching her books He received 2 released "Home Of The Body Bags" and "Reveloutions an ordinary childhood." Homey plans Writtin pounds whole lotta shit that support the major national and purchase of blood you wont be disappointed! One of the pigeons in Kalifornia kouple homies wanted me after they hook up, so anyone who wants to write please em. let them know-you plug their homepage myspase Loko Kay NHB 20s. Ill post later with their addresses. See below for addresses INFLUENSES. Quick shout out to my pigeons in Kalifornia. Shout to all the people my Thugz. Shout out to all my BLOODS Rollin 20's Neighborhood Akross the United States and even overseas. If you have a pigeon or even a blood and enter into such an BLooD show some love.

The Most Dangerous GANG "MS 13 Gang"

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It's The Dangerous gang in United State ( U.S. ). The Gang was ten year known that is the most dengerous gang. MS 13 GANG also have a place, It's 13 street. thank's for all!

MS 13 gang-5 point star rollin 20s blood-gangster killer blood knowledge-211 blood killer gang tattoos-writing a 3 blood gang-gang crip symbols-73 a gang sign symbol-crip nation-mob town piru-blood gang codes

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Gangsta Killer Blood "Blood Knowledge"

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Gangster kill some on The shop. That is some gang over on word! keep all here. thanks for you all,

latin king knowledge-bloods signs-blood pledge gang-tree top piru hand signs-hoover bloods-blood gang signs-hoova crip knowledge

hoova crip knowledge

hoova crip knowledge

Hoava mean a hoover too. On this post We write some about ALPHA BET HOOVERS :

A = Always
b = BUD, Blacc.
D = Dedication, devotion, disciples.
E = enemy.
F = follow, FOLK, fork.
G = Gangxta
H = Hoovers
K = KILL, kings, Kindom.
L = Love, Life, loyalty.
M = Money, SCAM, the murder.
N = NOW, ever.
O = our side.
P = power.
Q = Queen
R = RIDE, reality.
S - SELF, Sheeba.
V = victory of the victim.

thank's all, give comment or follow other here.

BLOOD Gang Signs Gang Signs

--bloods signs, blood pledge gang, tree top piru hand signs, hoover bloods, blood gang signs-hoova crip knowledge, latin king knowledge--

Hoover Bloods "Gang Live"

A gang of criminals in Los Angeles, probably the most important, says Hoover St. running through all of LA. Hoover Crips, Bloods and ESES. Hoover Black Caps to say "Gruv" more cuz / blood.

#bloods signs
-blood pledge gang
-tree top piru hand signs
-hoover bloods-blood gang signs
-hoova crip knowledge
-latin king knowledge#

Tree Top Piru Hand Signs "TTP" say that you are not learning anything here at The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st century. Whether you in a freestyle rap battle in Compton, or just "keep it real" in your hand.
Thank's for all, just give some basic knowledge here!

#tree top piru hand signs-bloods signs-blood pledge gang-hoover bloods-blood gang signs-hoova crip knowledge-latin king knowledge#

BLOOD AND Korean schoolgirls "Blood Pledge"

Four high school girls make a pact to die together, but if the owner of "Blood Pledge" goes horribly wrong, suspicion, paranoia and guilt cause a fatal rupture in their relationship.

Even with a plot twist and an assumption widely used, with a cast of beautiful girls in uniform, to attract some of the public especially among adolescents.

The South Korean film has been sold to a distributor for the Asia South-East. Conversations remake have been reported.

Although Lee Jong Yong as the personal signature of the director is small, it does capture the elusive and fragile nature of teenage female friendships, while the infusion of sufficient power to save the movie from total anesthesia. However, as horror films go well, it never deterred more than long hair of their applicability and blood stained face, making it the most classic Yeogogodam series of horror films in high schools girls, including "Whispering Corridors" and "Memento Mori."

Korean schoolgirls in BLOOD PLEDGE^

thanks, regards to all!

Blood Pledge Gang

Comment about Pledge :
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Blood Nation. I swear my heart and my soul to the option-N to all my brothers and sisters in the UBN "UBL" or any other nation, part of the Bloods. I pledge to the flag to represent the death of me. Nobody or nothing will be allowed to come before my almighty Blood Nation. I give my life and take one for my UBN "Osama bin Laden." With this oath, I promise to life "UBN Osama bin Laden", and all his sets. RIPOG Tye.
WHAT IS RED look like?

I'm 5 poppin 6 droppin crip Killin my crucifixition. When I look at the sky and watching the tears fall from 5 under my right eye. Dam I miss my O.G. Tye.
What is the blood gang pledge?

#blood gang signs-hoova crip knowledge-bloods signs-tree top piru hand signs-hoover bloods-blood pledge gang-latin king knowledge*

Bloods Signs "Like BLOOD on the Wall"

Bloods Signs-tree top piru hand signs-hoover bloods
Like BLOOD on the Wall

These signs, because they appear only when you want (as opposed to types identifier above), usually the most consistent in the different regions. Many of these hand gestures are very close to signing other municipalities, which can cause confusion amongst gang members, non-gang members, gang and anti-government. also known as "walking".

#bloods signs-blood pledge gang-tree top piru hand signs-hoover bloods-blood gang signs-hoova crip knowledge-latin king knowledge#

Blood and Crip Gang "REAL Peace!"

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Crip and Blood is the biggest gang, they used to so many victims of this gang feud second. Many are willing to die because of problems between this alley. But this is the end of a lasting peace, blue and red.

*sign in gangster *blood piru sign *tree top piru *who started blood

united blood nation knowledge

united blood nation knowledge-blood gang

rule ORGANIZATI ON united blood nation :

1.In our organization of * 000 * we do not steal (RATS )!!!!!

2. In our organization of * 000 * we have no rapists !!!!!!

3. In our organization of * 000 * we will respect every * G * individually

4. In our organization of * 000 * we will respect all * COMMANDIN officers

5. In our organization of * 000 * You will never argue in outcasters.

b. Every * G * must never respect a commander COMMANDIN !!!!!

7. Every * G * must be colors (red flag) or 000 beads for he can know who are his * G *

8. Every * G * must show respect to others to receive that RESPECT!

9. Every * G * must give to other agencies for all * G * can receive RESPECT!

10. Every * G * must never talk to one of its own outcaster * 000 * in each


11. We should never deny your * 000 * a tray of food or something to eat!

12. You should never * 000 * kindness for weakness at any moment


13. You should never refuse a 31st meeting unless you visit your family or go to the hospital or funeral

14. You should always alert mind and going to court or to an area around you

15. You are responsible for your brother and actions, and everything

that can happen!

16. You should never start a conflict unless it is important because

everything you do is every * 000 * alwaiiz store

your supreme mind to it!

17. We must never with your hands with a Bloods * * to


18. It will not be accepted in our organization for the protection drug or reason5!

19. In other religions a * G * has you must always remember that

* 000 * is always # 1!

20. For every * 000 * is the house or go to the north the clothes you do not send home ... You can always get a box of clothing in your own house or dorms for when we have a * G * coming in.

21. Each home a treasure chest * if * our * 000 box coming

by the offer that you can use * G * with something like soap, food, shampoo,

roll-on, powder or clothes.

22. Each * 000 * a state of obedience for others outside our figure

can not judge us by what we are and what our organization can achieve!

23. Each * 000 * must salute his * 000 * G * every day with authority!

24. You should never respect your fellow * G * by steal or steal

themselves or someone else around the perimeter.

25. For every * 000 * G * in our organization, he must know that our safety

weapons, and if he needs a burner. We should never hesitate to ask for protection.

read other :
piru gang knowledge : meaning
BLOOD alphabet in B letter
Blood test : must have the equipment

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Bloods refer to a loosely structured group of street gangs smaller, known as "games", which adopted a common gang culture. Each set has its own and generally work independently of others. Most members are Bloods African American men, although some games are recruited female members and members of other racial and ethnic backgrounds. Members are aged from early teens to twenties, but few held leadership positions in their twenties and thirties by then.
No known national leader of the Bloods, but individual Bloods sets have a hierarchical structure with levels of proven leadership skills of membership. These levels of membership to indicate the status of a gang. A leader, usually an older member with a criminal past wider raced every series. A set of leader is not elected, but is developing and managing the gang's criminal enterprises by its reputation for violence and brutality and by his personal charisma. The majority of these members are "soldiers" who are mostly aged between 16 and 22. Soldiers get a strong sense of their game and are extremely dangerous because of their willingness to use force both to comply with gang members to obtain and respond to a person who "does not comply "whole." Associates "are not full members, but they identify with the group and participates in various criminal activities. To the extent that women are part of the band, they usually associate members and tend to be used by their male counterparts of these weapons, drug possession, transport or prostitutes to earn money for their set.
Recruitment is often influenced by the environment a recruitee's. Bloods recruit heavily among school age children in an American community largely very poor in Africa. Gang membership offers young people a sense of belonging and protection. It also offers instant gratification for economically disadvantaged youth who see the pitfalls of gang life: gold jewelry, cash, expensive sportswear

scottsdale piru "blood piru knowledge"

scottsdale piru-blood piru knowledge-blood gang

Scarsdale is a community in Westchester County, New York, United States, in the northern suburbs of New York City.

piru alphabet-145 piru hand sign-latin kings knowledge-tree top piru gang signs-gang symbol 7-4-14 represent-ntg blood gang knowledge-Gangsta Disciple gang Knowledge-blood gang learn to stacked-crip gangs map-mob piru knowledge-3 point crown gang

skyline california gangs

skyline california gangs

The gang is known for his flamboyant gang members use the color blue in their clothing. However, this has reduced since the practice of the controversial police crackdown on gang members.

Piru Blood Gang Codes-Blood Gang Alphabet-Piru Blood Walk-Tree Top Piru-United-five point star

Bloodz and star "behind BLACK and RED"

Look at the star image on it that read Bloodz with a touch of graffiti. Hollywood stars are here to show five blood points. Follow the alley Blood posters and knowledge here.

"Knowledge" Crip Gang Members

Download Video

The Crips are one of the largest associations and most violent street gangs in the United States, with 30,000 to 35,000 members. The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies and drug trafficking, among many other criminal activities. The gang is known for its use of gang members in the color blue in their clothing. However, this practice has declined following the police crackdown on gang members.

bloods and crips-tree top piru-blood knowledge-gangstreet code-crip gang alphabet-crip gang alphabet-crip gang codes symbols knowledge

Folk Nation Crips "Gangsta"

folk nation crips
Folk Nation Crips

The Folk Nation is an alliance of street gangs based in the Chicago area, which has since spread across the United States and Canada, particularly in the Midwest and South. They are rivals for the nation popular.
Within the Folk Nation alliance there are many gangs have their own unique colors, hand signs and organization. Many of these gangs have signed a charter for the Folks alliance membership. It was November 11, formed in 1978, Illinois facility of the Department of Criminology. Shortly after the People Nation was formed to combat the Folks alliance. Larry Hoover, leader of the gang Gangster Disciples, led to the idea of the alliance and took many of the great black leaders, white and Latino gangs from Chicago to join.
After a successful start in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, the alliance began to crack in the 1990s due to wars over money and drugs gang Folks compatriots.

CRIP Gang Code Knowledge

CRIP Gang Code Knowledge-blood piru knowledge-tree top piru
CRIP Gang Code

Crip Gang graffiti is often written in the gang color: blue. However, in cities where the paint cans are locked, you see the graffiti in all colors get a hold of. Gang members
use their nickname or street name in their writing. You do not see James writes in graffiti, you find a name as misleading. Crips usually cross out or put an X through letters B and P as a sign of disrespect to the blood and sets of Piru. You will often be able to identify by Crip graffiti reading B / K or BK, which means Blood Killer.

BLOOD history origin

blood gang-tree top piru
As the Crips grew in South Central Los Angeles in the early 1970s it began to other gangs. It was during this period of conflict that several gangs joined forces against the growing threat crip. The best known gang within this group was the Piru Street Boys. They lead the revolt against the Crips and its role in creating the Bloods gang in 1972.

Over the next 10 years the Bloods continued to operate and grow in a fragmented manner. Conflict with the Crips and Bloods were found following a small minority.

Between 1982 - 1984 of violence between the two groups has soared. At this time crack hit Los Angeles. Crackm or more properly called rock cocainem is cheaper and more addictive than powder drugs. Gang territories became more important than the blood and crip fought numerous series of drug sales locations. Some members of the blood in several major cities on the West Coast market for their drugs. To minimize attention from law enforcement, many Blood gang members abandon wearing obvious identifiers of gang connections, to enable them to continue illegal activity with little fear of arrest.

During the late 1980s that the Bloods became a household name. The film Colors, staring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall, which was published on the gang problem in Los Angeles. There is rumor that some cinemas in fact promote the film by offering a bandana films participants. It was after this film that many young people who are not following the gang based in Los Angeles began creating their own Blood gangs. Although many of these groups were nothing more than childish dress imitating the pipe bands and they have seen in a film, a number was soon involved in violent activities and comparable sales of drugs gang blood committed by gang members home in California.

In 1993, a group on the East Coast, a gang known as the United Blood Nation. Born in the Rikers Island prison in New York, African American prisoners of the group as a means to protect themselves from the Latin Kings, the most common group in the prison system of the time. Although blood Nation (UBN) was born in prison, that members of parole in the streets, they formed street gangs on the East Coast, under the same name, while emulating the lifestyle of Los blood Angeles.

Although the majority of Blood gangs identify with the color red, members do not always wear gang identifiers in May in the commission of criminal offenses. On the west coast are more likely to use a scarf for identification, while some Blood sets on the east coast, will use a necklace of colored beads.

Although Blood gangs share the same name, there is no structure for all blood groups. A member of a gang of blood in Springville, Utah in May to be very active in the life of gangster, but has no blood tie gangs in the East or West.

Bloods will align themselves with other gangs for criminal activities, including their rivals the Crips, although most alliances quickly. The Bloods are known to be involved in all forms of criminal activity, but they are best known for selling drugs.

CRIP Graffiti

Crip graffiti-blood gang-tree top piru

Gangs use graffiti as their "newspaper" or "bulletin board". They state their territory or turf and send a clear message to members of a rival gang. To be able to read the graffiti gang, a person must always know what is happening in a particular neighborhood.

Forbidden knowledge of Avalon Gangsta crip

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Blood and Crip Compton Gang Territories Area "CITY"

Blood and Crip gang territories of Compton and surrounding unincorporated areas Willowbrook, Athens, rosewood and areas of Carson, Lynwood and N. Long Beach. Notice how the northern part is dominated by Compton gang blood, while the southern part of Compton CRIP has a greater presence.

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NTG Blood Gang Knowledge "Nine Tray Gangsters"

NTG Blood Gang Knowledge-blood piru knowledge-Nine Tray Gangsters

These are the original Fake Blood NATION / 5 POINT STAR sets BLOOD OF PEOPLES: gangsters Miller (MG), Mad Stone Villains (MSV), Valentine Bloods (VB), Nine Tray Gangsters (NTG), G-SHINE ( GKB), One Eight Trey (183), Hit Squad edges FAKE (HSB), not the Real Fake - Blood Stone Villains (BSV), sex, money and Murder (SMM), which was an independent team Medicines first, but when they joined them locked NBF. Now theres MORE nation by Fake Blood. even a new BrIM FAKE - FAKE STONE YORK - FAKE PIRU sets all. You can be member with online, Internet, MySpace, cell phone Blowing Up Group first!

#ScottsDale Piru Squiggly Lane Gangster #Tree Top Piru #Ujima Village Bloods Unton Brims (defunct) Van Ness Gangster Village Town Piru Water Front Piru Weirdoz Blood West Covina Mob West Side Piru - Compton West Side Piru - Carson West Side Piru - West Covina Hacienda Village9#


TTP BLOODS GANG LEADER-tree top piru-blood gang

Baltimore, Maryland - U. S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. sentenced Steve Willock, age 29, of Baltimore, Maryland, 25 years in prison followed by five years of probation after Willock pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to conduct and participate in activities a racketeering enterprise known as the Tree Top Piru Bloods (TTP Bloods), announced the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein and Baltimore City State Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy. This case is the result of a long-term joint investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Baltimore City State Attorney's Office and the Prosecutor of the United States. "We have to coordinate the implementation of laws against gangs," said U. S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. "We are blessed in Maryland, including local, provincial and federal agencies work together to investigate and prosecute violent gangs. I am grateful to prosecutors and local police and corrections officials declare that help in our fight against the whole gang initiative. "

"This federal sentence demonstrates the strength and success of our partnership with the local office of the Prosecutor of the United States to gang violence in Maryland prosecuting, said State Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy." This joint investigation was prepared in response to the expertise of specialized investigative prosecutors who worked with federal troops and local authorities are entitled to a violent drug and its leaders to dismantle. It was a strategic move beyond street-level arrests, inflicting a heavy blow to a violent narcotics gang in Baltimore.

"Here's the proof," said ATF Acting Special Agent in Charge David L. McCain, "that we have a great step forward in the fight against gang violence and violent offender at once."

Under the plea agreement, from a TTP Bloods street gang called "Bloods" that was founded in Los Angeles, California in the early 1970s. As time passed, the Bloods spread to other places and broke into individual "sets." Such Bloods game based in Compton, California was called Piru Bloods. This set was a subset known as Tree Top Pirus (TTP). The name derived from a group of streets in Compton named after trees.

TTP spread throughout the country, including Maryland. TTP in Maryland has its roots in a local gang which began in the detention center in Washington County in Hagerstown, Maryland in about 1999. TTP spread in Maryland, mainly due to recruitment in prisons in Maryland. Over time, a group of female gang members are a subset of TTP Pirette called the Tree Top.

According to the statement of the facts in connection with the conspiracy of TTP gang members would meet regularly, the prior acts of violence and other crimes committed by gang members against members of rival gangs and others to discuss to notify the other about the gang members who were arrested or held to the discipline of TTP gang members to discuss, examine the interaction of police with gang members, sharing with them the identity of individuals who might not coincide with the law and to propose measures to be taken against these individuals , plan and agree on committing future crimes, including murder, robbery, drug trafficking and abuse, and the means to cover these crimes and to strengthen the rules of the gangs. Gang members and associates of TTP TTP purchased, maintained and distributed a collection of firearms used in criminal activities by members of TTP. Besides TTP gang members and associates of TTP acts of murder and other acts of violence against rival gang members and the discipline imposed in TTP itself, and acts of violence committed on other occasions deemed necessary.

Since at least 2005 to February 2008, Willock acted as a leader of the TTP Bloods gang and ran the business of distributing drugs, including prison, where a series of recorded telephone calls, Willock and other conspirators discussed ways to get drugs and have taken to the prison where Willock was housed. Furthermore Willock contact with TTP leaders in Compton, California to California leaders complete history of the band and get them to describe the organization and the leaders of the TTP in Maryland. Willock also used its power to conduct the business of prison gangs, including the ordering of the meetings of the gangs, the degradation of a gang member and advising another that the gang members who are not the rules can be punished.

Twenty-seven additional gang members were indicted in the racketeering conspiracy. Van Sneed, age 32, of Baltimore, Maryland, Shaneka Penix, 22, of Dundalk, and Orlando Gilyard, age 21, of Woodlawn, Maryland, pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy. Gilyard was sentenced to 115 months in prison. Sneed and Penix faces a maximum of life in prison. Cost of other suspects are pending.

United States Attorney Rosenstein and Baltimore City State Attorney Jessamy praised the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore County Police Department, Wicomico County State's Attorney Office, Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, Washington County Narcotics Task Force, Western Correctional Institution, North Branch Correctional Institution, Anne Arundel County Police Department, the New York Police Department and the Department of Public Safety and the Maryland Correctional Services for their investigation of this drug against Organized Crime Enforcement Task Force case.

Mr. Rosenstein and Mrs. Jessamy also thanked Assistant U. S. Attorneys Jason Levin and Steve Weinstein, and U. S. Special Assistant Attorney Christopher Mason, a cross-designated Baltimore City Assistant State Attorney in the prosecution of the case and the Assistant State Attorney Laraia Forrest who assisted in the prosecution.

BLOOD Sets in Compton "Original"

BLOOD Sets-Compton gang-blood piru knowledge-tree top piruYou can see which areas are included in the Compton Bloodz SETS areas. Color - red color indicates areas of BLOOD SET, was the color yellow is the region which is still common Compton.

Blood Gang Alphabet-Piru Blood Walk-Tree Top Piru-United-Blood Nation Knowledge-Bloods Crips Book Of Knowledge-Who Started Bloods-Crip Gang Codes Symbols Knowledge-Damu Knowledge-Piru Blood Gang Codes


Five POINT GANG-blood gang knowledge-LATIN KINGS-crown gang

  1. RESPECT. is for your brother, the crown and the Nation. A brother respect will show high regard to the Nation.
  2. HONESTY. is marked by truth, your word is your crown and your crown is your nation. A king will live by his word
  3. UNITY. is in the condition of being united into a single whole one for all and all for one. THE CROWN SYMBOLIZE ONE PEOPLE-LATINOS.
  4. KNOWNLEDGE. is knowing of your lesson and prayers, gained through the study and experience of your nation.
  5. LOVE. Is what you carry in your heart for your brother and sister of this nation.

BLOOD SETS : Blood PIRU Knowledge

blood-sets-gang-alphabet-graffiti-Los Angeles Blood sets-Crip and Blood sets

135 Piru
456 Island
64 Brims (defunct)
706 Blood
92 Bishops
Acre Hood Piru (defunct)
Athens Park Boys
Aliso Village Brim (defunct)
Avenue Piru Gang
Bartender Piru (defunct)
Be-Bopp Watts Bishops
Black P Stones-City
Black P Stones-Jungles
Blood Stone Pirus
Blood Stone Villians
Bounty Hunters
Campenella Park Piru
Cedar Block Piru
Center Park Blood
Center View Piru
Centinela Park Family
Circle City Piru
Crenshaw Mafia Gang
Cross Atlantic Piru
Dalton Gangster Blood (defunct)
Denver Lane Bloods
Doty Block Gang
Down Hood Mob
East Compton Piru
East Side Piru
Elm Street Piru
Family Swan Blood 89/92
Fruit Town Brims
Fruit Town Pirus
Ghost Town/ES Pain
Harvard Park Brim
Hawthorne Piru
Holly Hood Pirus
Hoover Family (defunct)
Inglewood Family Gang
Jarvis Street Piru (defunct)
Kabbage Patch Piru
Kalas Park Loks
Leuders Park Piru
Lime Hood Piru
Lynwood Mob Piru
Mad Swan Blood
Mid Wilshire Bloods (defunct)
Midtown Family (defunct)
Miller Gangster Bloods
Mob Piru
Neighbor Hood Pirus
Neighborhood Pirus 145
Rollin 20s NeighborHood Blood
Original Block Piru 151
Outlaw 20s
Pacoima Pirus
Parke Nine Bloods (defunct)
Pasadena Denver Lane
ProJect Gangster Blood
Pueblo Bishops 52
Queen Street Blood
Queen Street Blood 76 Block
Rollin 50s Brims
Samoan Warriors Bounty Hunters
Scott Park Blood
ScottsDale Piru
Squiggly Lane Gangster
Tree Top Piru
Ujima Village Bloods
Unton Brims (defunct)
Van Ness Gangster
Village Town Piru
Water Front Piru
Weirdoz Blood
West Covina Mob
West Side Piru - Compton
West Side Piru - Carson
West Side Piru - West Covina
Hacienda Village

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GANG Language Secrets in Court "Bloods Street Gang"

Bloods Street Gang-Language Secrets in Court

I am your smell.

All part of a language, with few exceptions, only understood by members of street gangs Bloods.

But a pleasure hearing Rial in Toms River last week in the case of gang-related intimidation alleged murder, one intelligence experts of the National Police has revealed some secrets of the language of Blood, "including an alphabet used by reverse members for speaking in code to another.

Lieutenant Keith Bevacqua, assistant bureau chief of intelligence of the New Jersey State Police, made the revelations last week Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Rial Daniels earshot easy for the four men of Lakewood, all alleged members of the Bloods street gang.

The suspects, James Russell, 24, and Jamelle Trishawn Scott Cochran and Lee Reeves, 22, are scheduled to stand trial next month for the murder last year Athelm Vazquez.

Vazquez, 55, of Lakewood, was the mother of a teenage friend of the star witness in the trial of Russell, Scott, third man for a brutal murder in a hair salon in Lakewood in 2006. Vazquez was shot by an intruder in his home October 14, hours before the murder trial opened salon in Toms River the same day.

Authorities claim that Russell and Scott, who later was convicted of murdering the hairdresser used Cochran and another man as liaison officers to provide witness to murder Reeves, Christian Vivar Granados, with all others in house. Authorities say Reeves has fled the house without having accomplished the mission because his gun jammed after murdering Vazquez.

Bevacqua is considered by the court as an expert in the Bloods, plus the experience of two decades to investigate them, "said Tuesday that Russell adopted the agenda for Granados killed in appeals from the County Jail the ocean in September last year to have around.

Blood Piru Knowledge-piru alphabet-145 piru hand sign-latin kings knowledge-tree top piru gang signs-gang symbol 7-4-14 represent-ntg blood gang knowledge-Gangsta Disciple gang Knowledge-blood gang learn to stacked-crip gangs map-mob piru knowledge-3 point crown gang-Piru Blood Knowledge from Other Gang Members