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Gang Los Angeles Compton Latin Kings

The most interesting thing he said was that alot of gangs are
"soccer related". Peru (and ALL other south american countries) are f*ckin nuts about their soccer teams. There are two teams in Peru. both from Lima, but different parts of the city. kind of like how there are the Yankees and the Mets, or the Cubs and the White Sox.

There are street gangs of fans from one team that form just to fight the fans of the other. From some of the sh*t he told me, there violent as hell.

He also said the whole hip hop "gangsta" image doesn't exist down there.
no one wears fubu or sean john or anthing like that. Apparently there is no gangsta rap influance at all. Its pretty interesting to see how different things are in other countries. Read more here.

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Origin Of Gangs

Origin Of Gangs-blood gang knowledge-tree top
the word "gang" comes from "gonge," a term originally meaning a journey, but later referring to a "gonge" of sailors in the fifteenth century. "Gangs" of outlaws or wild young men came into common usage by Shakespeare's time. The "Father of Gang Research," Frederic Thrasher, gave the word its industrial-era meaning in the 1920s and made “gang” into a term which meant kids of the street. But US gangs had other predecessors than unsupervised street urchins.

there are four kinds of "gangs" which were predecessors of the street gangs of today.

1. Secret Societies

2. Gangs of Outlaws in the Wild West

3.Racist gangs like the Klu Klux Klan

4. "Voting Gangs" tied mainly to the Democratic Party in large cities.

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blood love becomes our depressions

blood piru symbol knowledge "piru sign"

blood piru knowledge tattos

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Folk Nation Hand Signs

Within the Folk Nation alliance there are many gangs which all have their own unique colors, hand signs and organization. Create your own Folk Nation Handsigns layouts in minutes here! Choose your own Folk Nation Handsigns background and then combine it with your favorite Folk Nation layout. Read more about Folk Nation Hand Signs here.

crips gang signs black stone-blood knowledge-pirus gang-tree top piru-blood gangsters

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Gang 5 Poppin 6 Droppin

Black Bandana Pictures, Images and Photos

A popular saying among members of the Bloods gang, which means that Bloods are shooting (poppin) and Crips are dying (droppin). The number 5 symbolizes man, as well as the Bloods, while the number 6 symbolizes the devil, and also the Crips. I have no affiliation with either gang myself. Read more here.

folk nation hand signs-crips gang signs black stone-what red be like blood knowledge-blood gang signs-bloods signs-crips bloods gang signs-gang 5 poppin 6 droppin

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Gang Knowledge Codes "graffiti gang walk"

Gang Knowledge Codes-graffiti gang walk

crip gang codes symbols knowledge -

Read more : here.

Gang Knowledge Codes*Bloods Street Gang*Best Blood Piru Knowledge*Blood Gang Alphabet*Gangsters reign as the world everywhere

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Gangster Disciple Hand Signs

Gangster Disciple Hand Signs

Gangster Disciples follow a strict code and use symbols and hand signs to communicate alliances and rivalries. Create your own Gangsta Disciple Hand Sign layouts in minutes! Choose your own Gangsta Disciple Hand Sign background and then combine it with your favorite here. Read more here.

ms 13 vs bloods-san diego blood gangs-compton dangerous-Gangster Disciple Hand Signs-135th piru newark-tree top piru knowledge-blood graffiti-blood gang meaning

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Grape Street Watt Fight

Grape Street Watt Fight

More about Grape Street Watt Fight is here. follow this blog,
and you will have many information from blood gang and other the big gang in US and San diago.

135th piru newark-tree top piru knowledge-blood graffiti-blood gang meaning-blood hand gang signs-ghost town blood gang-san diego blood gangs-compton dangerous-Grape Street Watt Fight

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Bloods Five Point Star

THEM With their fingers, teenagers in Corona formed a five-pointed star, a symbol of the Bloods. Read more here.

Bloods Five Point Star-san diego blood gangs-compton dangerous-135th piru newark-tree top piru knowledge-blood graffiti-blood gang meaning

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MS 13 San Diego

A large share of the immigrant gangsters in the most notorious gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), Surenos-13, and 18th Street are illegal aliens. Their illegal status means they are especially vulnerable to law enforcement, and local authorities should take advantage of the immigration tools available in order to disrupt criminal gang activity, remove gang members from American communities, and deter their return. Once explained, these measures find much support, especially in immigrant communities where gang crime is rampant.

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MS 13 San Diego-nine trey gangster bloods-piru blood knowledge-five point star crips or bloods-bloods five point star-gang signs and symbols

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Blood History Gang "piru knowledge"

Gangsta King on Crip & Blood gang history in Los Angeles

Oct 29, 1929 - A trail of blood leading to a Detroit police man's uniform and three caliber pistols In a blood spattered apart .

Feb 9, 1988 - Would you tend to believe a friend of a dead gang banger who has a long history of gang-related offenses against the suspect's gang?

Sep 13, 1992 - With tensions just beginning to subside in the South-Central gangworld, his family was optimistic he would succeed. But on a July evening, while Winters was visiting friends in his old neighborhood, police say a rival Blood rode up on a bicycle.

Aug 15, 2007 - Gerard Tobin is believed to have been a member of the Hells Angels, who are by far the most famous, or infamous, biker gang.

Sep 3, 2008 - On the fringe, blood and bullets are the rule of law.'' But his tentative efforts to create a kinder, gentler Sons go nowhere. When a rival gang blows up their arms warehouse, Jax's suggestion that they get out of the gun-running business is greeted with mute incomprehension.

Apr 5, 2009 - Police are questioning two young boys after a vicious assault by a suspected gang in which two other children were slashed with knives, burned with cigarettes and etc.

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Blood Player "gang knowledge"

blood player-blood piru knowledge


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$ - Power and money

0-0 - Double ought buck shot (shot gun)

000 - Blood

001 - Blood love

006 - Silence (used by Black Gangster Disciples)

013 - Get him; assault someone (Bloods)

023 - Watch your back (Bloods)

025 - What rank are you (Bloods)

031 - I am Blood

041 - Kill the Crip (Bloods)

13 - 13th letter of the alphabet-"M"; may be used for

marijuana or methamphetamine

13 or XIII or X3 - Symbolizes gangs of Hispanic heritage

showing allegiance to Southern California; Sureño 13, Sur 13

13 1/2 - Represents: 12 jurors, one judge, half-ass chance

14 or XIV or X4 - Used by Hispanic gangs for Northern

California (14th letter of alphabet - N) - Norteño 14, Norte 14

18 - 18th Street Gang

18th Street - Hispanic Los Angeles street gang - aligned with

Mexican Mafia

100 Proof - The real thing

187 - California penal code for murder ; may be seen in graffiti as a threat that someone will be killed i.e. 187 John Doe; may also be worn as a tattoo

1 AD 7 - See 187 above

211 - California penal code - robbery ; also Crip term meaning Blood Killer

(2nd and 11th letters of alphabet - B K

212 - NY City telephone area code (Manhattan); also Blood term

(Tampa, FL) meaning Blood Love

274 - Black Gangster Disciples (2nd, 7th and 4th letters of
alphabet) - B.G.D.)

2-15-19 - Brothers of Struggle (2nd 15th and 19th letters of
alphabet) - B.O.S.

2-7-4-14 - Code for Black Gangster Disciples Nation (B.G.D.N.- 2nd, 7th, 4th and 14th letters of alphabet)

23/24 - Inmates on lockup - 23 out of 24 hours each day

24/7 or 247 - Constantly - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

26ers - Two Sixers - Chicago street gang

3 - 3rd letter of alphabet: C - frequently used by Bloods to replace the letter C in words to disrespect the Crips i.e. Bla3k, Mi3key 3obras

3C - 3=trey plus C - forms Spanish word trece meaning the number 13

3 R's - Respect, Reputation, Revenge

311 - Used by Bloods meaning Crip Killer (3rd and 11th letters of alphabet -


312 - Crip Love - 3rd and 12th letters of alphabet - C L

360 - Folk Nation - numbers representing "full circle of

360 degrees - A "pure" Black Gangster Disciple

40's - 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor

410 - Gangster Disciple code for "Folks in battle"

420 - Gangster Disciple code for "Disciple trouble" or "Disciples in trouble"; Also refers to the time of day "pot" smokers light up; sometimes seen in graffiti

415's - Gang name taken from the telephone area code for
San Francisco, CA area

5 - Number symbolic to People Nation

The following slang terms are Blood terms, used to disrespect Crips and the Folk Nation

5 cKlippin 6 DRIPPIN`

5 in the sky.....6 must die - Revenge; a People Nation member was killed - a retaliation against the Folks Nation will take place

5%, 5%er - Five Percenters

5 Percent - Five Percenters

5 Point Star - Symbolic to the People Nation

5 Poppin, 6 Droppin - People Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the Folks Nation; People Nation (5) members shooting at Folk Nation (6)members

5-0 - The police

510 - Oakland, CA area code; used by some to identify the location of their gang or set

50/50 - Neutral; non-gang member

5150 - Refers to a California Mental Health code; may be used
to indicate the mental status of a person. May also indicate a threat by using the 5th and 1st letters of the alphabet "E" and "A" and the slang number for police "50" to mean Eradicate All Police

6 - Number symbolic to Folk Nation

6-6-2 - MOB; Numbers represent letters on telephone keypad

6-6-6 - Symbol for Aryan Brotherhood, Folks and Crips; also satanic cults

6 Point Star (of David) - Symbolic to gangs within the Folk

6 Poppin, 5 Droppin - Folk Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the People Nation; Folk Nation (6) members shooting at People Nation (5) members

7 - Refers to the 7th letter of the alphabet "G"; may
represent G for Gangster or G for God (Five Percenters)

7-4 - Code for Gangster Disciples (7th & 4th letters of
alphabet) - G.D.

730 - New York State section of law that deals with mental health evaluations; used as Bloods code; describes "crazies"

88 - White Supremacist - Heil Hitler (8th letter of alphabet - H)

8-Ball - 1/8 ounce of cocaine; alliance of Crips with the Folk Nation

911 - Warning that police are coming


Alternative Pronunciation
Used to shorten, alter, or change the sound of a word. Often used for ease of rhyming or to fit into rhythm, such as placing emphasis on the "O" vowel, while dropping the end consontants. Can also be used as self referential humor, by adopting a known variation in pronunciation used in local or regional settings, movies or popular media, dialects, accents, etc, with the end result of an intentional adopted spelling of this pronunciation.

* aight, aite, aw-ite - all right

* axe - ask "I want to axe you a question."

* befo' - before "I told you this befo'.’"

* biatch - bitch

* da' - the "He's da' man."

* dat - that "I love dat."

* dis - this "I love dis."

* down - I'm up for it. "I'm down."

* fitty - fifty "He's fitty years old.'

* flava - flavor

* flow - to rap, can also be used as a noun, "Listen to my flow."

* flo' - floor

* fo'(1)- for "This is fo' my Aunt."

* fo'(2) - the number four.

* fo'(3) - short for before, or any -fore suffix.

* ho - prostitute, short for whore

* mo' - more "I can't stand it no mo."

* moo' - move "moo’ over there for me."

* nigga, niggaz - one's boyz, those one hangs out with

* 'sup - what's up

Alternative Spelling
Spelling that alters letters in a word but results in roughly the same pronunciation. The intent is to place more emphasis on a part of the word than in the traditional pronunciation.

* boi - boy

* herre - here, pronounced as "her", introduced by rap artist Nelly in

song lyrics, "It's getting hot in herre."

* phat - very cool

Conjoined Words

Words that are combined for ease of pronunciation, and to reduce the total number of syllables.

* busta - snitch, "You's a busta."
* fugly - fucking ugly, "She looks fugly."
* hella - hell of "He's hella cool."
* payce - peace "Payce dawg."

Partial Words

Uses part of a word to represent an entire word.

* cuz - short for because

* cuz(2) - a citation what's up cuz? / cousin, especially in Crips

slang "He's my cuz."

* feds - short for Federal Agents, refers to cops or other law

enforcement agencies

* popo - cops, short for police

* po' - poor "He's too po' to afford a house."

* sitch - situation

Replacement Suffix

The ending of a word is removed, and replaced with a new suffix used as a substitute, much like Pig latin.

* bizzle - bitch
* fizzle - can be female or fuck
* hizzle(1) - house
* hizzle(2) - hook, as in "Off the hook"
* nizzle - nigga
* rizzle - real
* shiznit - shit
* shizzle - sure
* tizzle - a state of agitation or nervousness


* bail - leave "I'm gonna bail."

* be - are, am, is - usually refers to location "I be over here." or

"He be sleeping right now."

* bent - intoxicated

* buggin' - acting in a manner which is not socially acceptable "Why

she buggin'?"

* bumpin' - to one's liking "That song is bumpin'."

* busta cap - to shoot a gun "I'ma busta cap in yo ass."

* busta move - to act quickly, or to perform a dance move

* bust out(1) - to leave, to exit. "He busted out of the club."

* bust out(2) - to show or introduce something. "He busted out a

deck of playing cards from his coat pocket."

* chillin' - relaxing. "We chillin' at State and 3rd."

* dime - hot girl

* diss - to show disrespect.

* fittin' or fixin' - going to do something "I'm fittin' to buy me some


* gank - to steal "He ganked my ride."

* jet - leave "We gotta jet."

* lunchin' - behaving erratically

* roll out - to leave

* scrap - to fight "We scrapped in the back yard."

* spit - see flow.


* booty - buttocks, especially female

* guns - muscular arms

* puntang, poontang, punanny, pooty, poot - female genitalia

Brand Names & Commercial Trademarks
Learn more about Product Mentions in Rap Music.

* Benz - short for Mercedes Benz, known for luxury automobiles

* Cristal - Roederer Cristal, a brand of champagne

* Lex - short for Lexus, known for luxury automobiles

Consumer Products

* bub - short for bubbly, i.e. champagne

* rims - wheels of a vehicle, often a customized wheel replacing a

manufacturer wheel, with an appealing design or "bling-bling"

appearance. Size is also a factor, generally twenty to twenty-four

inches denotes luxury or extra expense.

* whip - car

Drug Terms

* bud - marijuana

* dime, dimebag, dimesack, sawbuck - a ten dollar "bag" of illicit


* ice - crystalized methamphetamine, ice cream, dream catcher

* mac - blunt

* nick, nickel, nickelbag, nickelsack, - a five dollar "bag" of illicit


* yayo, yay - cocaine

* weed - buda, shwag, mota, bud, mary jane, dodo, green, fire,

smoke, peace stick, watar, bluntos

* hydro - dro, dodo, banga, ganja, dank, sticky

* elbow - LB (lb.) pound of illicit drugs

* dub - a twenty dollar "bag" of illicit drugs

* quarter - a twenty five dollar "bag" of illicit drugs

* eight ball - an eight ounce "bag" of illicit drugs

* roll - MDMA, ecstasy pill

Gang Terms

* gangsta - member of a street gang

* playa - someone who is not monogamous / someone who's really

in, someone who's got a lot of respect

* playa hata - one who has ill feelings towards the actions of a

playa / someone with no respect, wanksta

* thug - hard core gangster

* wanksta - fake ass gangsta

* P.H.D. - pimping hoes daily

* noassatall - no ass at all

* chillax - chilling while relaxing

* white girl - cocaine, coke, yayo, blow,the shit

Gun Terms

* cap - bullet
* Mac 10, Mac - gun
* nine, nina - 9mm handgun
* piece - gun
* strapped up - holding a gun
* AR - AR 15 machine gun
* K - ak 47
* pump - shotgun
* pistol - gun
* heat - gun
* biscuit - gun
* ruger - gun
* 4 pounda - 40 caliber gun
* 44 - 44 caliber gun


* areous - area
* crib - place of residence
* hood - neighborhood
* bodega - corner store
* the shops - mall somewhere to go shopping


* 313 - from, of, or referring to a Detroit (telephone) area code

* 213 - from, of, or referring to a southern California (telephone)

area code

* 411 - information, from the telephone directory service in the US

* 420 - marijuana related, from the police code used for possession

or use of marijuana

* 5-0 - police (referring to the television show Hawaii Five-O)

* 808 - police code for excessive noise pollution, supposedly named

after a sound system of the same name.

* 730 - the code for crazy

* 247 - all day hustle

* 187 - murder

* 817 - Fort Worth TX,(funkytown, murderworth,and partyworth)

telephone area code


* benjamins - refers to 100 dollar bills after the American president

Benjamin Franklin, whose face is on them. "It's all about the


* bling bling - expensive jewelry or other expensive material

possessions, refers to the imaginary sound of glistening metal or

other shiny surfaces. "bling bling" added to Oxford Dictionary

* bo janglin' – stupid, not paying attention

* busted - ugly nigga, "Yo' girl is busted."

* dope - cool, tight

* dime - a very attractive woman, a "ten" on a scale of one-to-ten

* fly - appealing "She is so fly."

* koolin' it - kickin' it, chilling

* kickin' - appealing "Those rims are kickin."

* straight - okay

* the shit - awesome, great. "That man is the shit."

* tight - attractive "Your car is tight."

* wack - not to one's liking "This relationship is totally wack."

* ba-donka-donk - an incredibly attractive ass


* boo - boy/girlfriend, beau
* boyz - gang friends
* brurva - a male acquaintance
* crew - one's good friends (similar to boyz)
* haps - mother
* hoodrat - girl with loose morals
* homie, homey, homeboy - friend
* jigga - acquaintance, alternate of "nigga"
* peeps - people, acquantainces
* shorty - girl, or girl on the side


* jakes - cops
* jonx - belongings
* junk - stuff, belongings, male or female genitals
* shit - stuff, belongings. "Get away from my shit."
* lowckin - checking out the scene


* da bomb - the bomb, i.e. cool, appealing, or popular
* my bad - my mistake
* off the hook, off the chain - unbelievable, outrageous, wild, etc.
* peace out - good bye
* rise up, foo - bring it on
* school ya - to teach a lesson, to win a confrontation
* sku me - excuse me
* whas goin' down? - what are we doin` tonight?
* what tha dilly yo? - what is going on?
* what up? - hello, how are you?
* word up - got that straight, that's right, or how's it going?


Source: Gangs Or Us

ABG - Anybody Gets It

ABT - Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

ADR - Used by Latin Kings; Spanish: Amor de Rey (love to the king)

AK - AK 47 weapon

AKIA - A Klansman I Am (KKK)

AKIGY - A Klansman Is Greeting You

ALKN - Almighty Latin King Nation

AN - Aryan Nation (use the guise of religion)

ANP - American Nazi Party

AOK - Always Out Killing

AR - Automatic Rifle (AR-15)

ARM - Aryan Resistance Militia

A Buster - A fake or imitation

A-Town - Atlanta, GA

Academy - Prison or jail

Ace Kool - Best friend; backup

Ad Seg - Administrative Segregation; prison disciplinary unit

Adidas - Used by Crips; All Day I Destroy A Slob (Bloods)

AK - Semi-automatic weapon;AK-47

Alice - Aryan Brotherhood

All Is Good - Term used by People Nation

All Is One - Term used by Folks Nation

All Is Good - Term used by People Nation

Almighty Latin King Nation - Hispanic street gang

Always and forever - Blood for life

Answer up - Bloods; Respect your superiors orders

Approved For The Hood - Approved for membership in the Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas - White supremacist prison gang

BP - Brown Pride (Hispanic)

BFL - Blood For Life

BG - Baby gangster; very young member

BGD - Black Gangster Disciple; also known as Better Growth and Development in attempt to improve image

BGDN - Black Gangster Disciple Nation

BGF - Black Guerrilla Family prison gang

BIH - Burn in hell

BK - Blood Killer - term used by Crips

BKA - Blood Killer Always

BLA - Black Liberation Army - terrorist group

BMW - Bob Marley Wheels - Used by Jamaican Posses as a tribute to Bob Marley - BMW is favorite automobile of the posses

BNG - Bahala Na Gang - Filipino street gang

Bomb - Marijuana laced with heroin

BOS - Brothers of Struggle - prison faction of Gangster Disciples; also Beat On Sight

BOSS - Brothers of Steady Struggle (same as BOS)

BPP - Black Panther Party

BPSN - Black P Stone Nation gang

BTK - Born To Kill; Vietnamese street gang

BWP's - Bitches With Problems

B Queen - Female member of Bloods

B's Up C's Down - Disrespect of Crips by Bloods

Baby Gangster - Very young (7-12 years) children, who are used by gang to act as lookouts, hold drugs, guns, etc.

Bad Bone - I don't trust him

Baile - To fight (from Spanish verb meaning to dance)

Baller - A high rolling gang member (making money)

Bandera - Spanish for "flag"; refers to gang colors

Banger - Gang member

Bangin'- Gang fighting or violence; being in a gang

Barrio (Varrio) - Spanish for "neighborhood"

Base-head - Person hooked on "coke"

Be down - Loyalty; defends set during adversity

Beemer - BMW automobile

Benzo - Mercedes Benz automobile

Be Real - Prepare for war

Beggars - Derogatory term used by Bloods for Muslims

Big Boy - Upper echelon (leader) gang member

Bitch - Someone who does not show respect; a sucker

Blob - Crips derogatory term for Bloods

Bloods - Black street gang originated in Los Angeles

Blood In - Initiation - Initiated member must shed someone's blood; may include murder

Blood Out - Member's blood spilled to get out of gang

Blood In-Blood Out - Mexican Mafia motto; A requirement to join some gangs - to join, you must kill someone; your death (natural or by being killed) is the only way out of the gang

Blood Killer - Term used by Crips

Blow Man - Gang member selected to shoot or kill someone

Blue Birds - Believed to be the original name of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang

Blunt - A cigar with most tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana; may also be laced with cocaine

Body Shop - Clinton Correctional Facility (NY); used by Bloods

Boned out - Quit; chickened out; left

Book - To run away or leave

Born Mecca - Five Percenter's name describing Baltimore, MD

Bote - Jail (Spanish)

Bounce - To go somewhere; to leave

Bowling ball - An automobile painted with speckled paint

Brace Ya Self - Chill; fall back

Brand - Tattoo

Break - Run; get away

Breakdown - A shotgun

Bro - A brother

Brother - A fellow gang member

Bud - Marijuana cigarette

Buck - Prison made alcohol; home brew
Bucket - Old junky car

Bull - Meaning: Bloods Usually Live Longer

Bullet - One year in custody

Bumble bee - Latin Kings

Bumper kit - A girl's rear end

Burgers - Derogatory term for Latin Kings

Bust a cap - To shoot at someone

Busted - Shot at someone; to be arrested

Buster - A fake gang member - derogatory term for Norteño

Busters, The - The police
CAT - Crippin' All (the) Time

CFL - Crip For Life

CK - Crip Killer - term used by Bloods

CVL - Conservative Vice Lords gang

C Queen - Female Crips member

C World - Crips World

C's Up B's Down - Disrespect of Bloods by Crips

Califas - Hispanic slang for Southern California

Candy land - Green Haven Correctional Facility (NY)

Carcel - jail

Carnal(es) - Hispanic prison/street gang member; a brother(s)

Carnala - Hispanic female "sister"

Catorce - Spanish for number "14"

Chaca - Indian Warrior

Chap(s) - A derogatory term for Norteños

Check it out - Listen to what I am saying

Checked in - Used by Hispanics; meaning to be initiated into a gang

Chicano(a) - Male/Female Mexican American (Spanish)

Chill out - Stop doing that; cool it; calm down

Chillin - Hanging out; relaxing

Chill Town - Long Island; Coney Island

Chip dog - Gang member who skims money, drugs
Chipping - Infrequent or occasional use of narcotics

Chiva - Slang: Spanish for heroin

Chola - Female gangster

Cholo - Male gangster

Chuco - Derived from "Pachuco"; an early 1940's Hispanic gang member; also slang for El Paso, Texas

Clica - Spanish slang for "gang"

Clique - Synonymous with gang

Cold Storage - Solitary confinement (prison)

Come with power - Bring your gang; a gang fight

Cop - To get, to steal

Cop Shop - Police station

Courting in - Initiation process - fighting 2 or more gang members for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 30)

Courting out - Departing member fights 2 or more gang member for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 60)

Cousin - Enemy of Bloods (Crips)

Crab - Derogatory name for Crips - used by Bloods

Crew - Synonymous with gang

C.R.E.A.M. - Cash Revolves Everyday Around Me

Crips - Black street gang originating in Los Angeles

Crip Killer - Term used by Bloods, Latin Kings

Crippin' - Involved in gang banging- used by Crips

Cuete - Gun (Spanish)

Curb service - To sell narcotics (usually crack cocaine) on the street

Cuz, Cuzz - Crips member

Cuzzin - Cripping; being a gangster

DDP - Dominicans Don't Play gang

DK - Disciple Killer

D Mecca - Five Percenter's name describing Detroit, MI

DWB - Dirty White Boys prison gang

Da Jungle - Brooklyn, NY

Da Projects - Sing Sing Prison

Damu - Swahili for "Blood"; used by Bloods

Dawg (dog) - Friendly greeting for someone

De Corazon - Used by Neta; Spanish for "From the heart"

Dead Presidents - Currency; money

Dead Rag - Red rag; derrogatory term used by Crips for the Bloods red colors

Death Row - New York City

Def - Slang - short for death

Demonstration - Gang fight

Desert - Five Percenter name describing Queens, NY

Deuce and a half - 25 caliber semi-automatic pistol

Dime - 10 year prison sentence; $10 bag of drugs

Dis - Slang for "disrespect"

Disciple Queen - Disciple gang's female sex object

Dissed Out - Given no respect; disrespect

Dissin - Disrespecting another person

Divorced - To get out of a gang

Do a ghost - To leave the area

Doing A Rambo - Attack a person

Dog - Gun (used by Jamaican Posses)

Dogging - Mistreating someone

Dog Pound - East Coast street gang

Doing a jack - Committing a robbery

Don - Next rank under "king"

Donuts - Derogatory term for Black Gangster Disciples

Double deuce - 22 caliber weapon

Double O.G. - 2nd generation gang banger

Down - Connected with - as in "He's down with the set."

Down for the hood - Loyalty to the neighborhood

Down for mine - Ability to protect one's self

Down with the set - Everything's fine; O.K.

Do you want to ride - Tear his ass up

Draped - Wearing a lot of jewelry

Dressed down - Wearing gang related colors

Drinking 40's - Drinking 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor

Drippin - Colors

Drive-by shooting - A planned or a random shooting; sometimes used as an initiation for a new member

Dropping the flag - Quitting the gang

Durag - Bandana (handkerchief) worn on the head; usually the gang colors

Dusted - Killed; high on Angel Dust

Efe - Spanish for letter "F" - refers to Nuestra Familia prison gang

E-Ricketts - Enemy; Crips

Easy walkers - Tennis shoes

Eight ball - 1/8 ounce of cocaine

El Rukns - Black street gang (originally Black P Stone Nation)

Eme - Spanish for letter "M" - refers to Mexican Mafia priso gang

Emi - Name sometimes used by Mexikanemi prison gang

Ene Efe - Spanish for letters "N" & "F"; refers to Nuestra Familia prison gang

Enforcer - Gang member who disciplines members for rules violations

Ese - Hispanic slang - "Hey, man"; "Hey, dude

Ese vato - Hispanic slang - "Hey, dude"; that person

Esseys - Black street gang slang for Hispanics

Everything is everything - It's all right

Expect Rain/Thunder - Expect trouble


FTW - Fuck The World; term believed to have been originated by bikers but now commonly used by others

F-14 Bulldogs - California prison gang with street gang chapters; Origin: Fresno, CA (14 represents Northern CA.)

False Flagging - Flashing a sign or symbol by a non-gang member

Ferria - Spanish for loose change; money

Fila - Knife

Five Nine Brims - Blood rules; 59 Brims-San Diego Blood set

Five Percenters - A group that teaches that the Black man is God

Flaco - Spanish for "skinny"; used as nick name

Flag - Gang colors

Flashing - Displaying hand signs

Floatin - Driving fast

Floss - To show off

Flue - Derogatory term for color "blue"

Flying the flag - Wearing the gang colors

Folks Nation - An alliance of many gangs; all gangs of this nation use symbols or other identifers on the right side of the body

Foot soldiers - Lowest rank in the set, crew, etc.

Four five - 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol

Free air - Released from jail or prison

Friday 13th - Attica Prison (NY)

Frog - A girl with no morals (hops into bed with anyone)

From womb to tomb - Blood 4 Life

Fugly - Extremely ugly

Full gear - Blood colors (red)


G - Slang for "gangster" - for members of the Five Percenters, letter "G" represents a belief that 5%ers are God

G27 - Prison gang formed in Puerto Rico - has reached U.S. east coast and may be found in several prison systems

GD - Gangster Disciples; also Growth and Development for political reasons

GKB - Gangsta Killer Bloods

Gage - Shot gun

G-ride - A stolen vehicle

Game - Criminal activity

Gang bang - To fight with rival gang members

Gang banger - Gang member

Gang banging - Involved in gang activity; usually criminal

Gangsta - Term for "gangster"

Ganja - Marijuana

Gauge - Shotgun

G Down - To get dressed up

Gear - Clothing

Get down - Fighting

Generic - A fake

Get jammed - To be accosted

Get off the gate - Get it on: to start fighting

Getting Busy - Doing drive-by shootings, robberies, etc.

Get some gone - Get out of my face

Gettin some digits - Getting someone's telephone number

Ghetto Star - Drug dealer; A "hood" celebrity

Ghost - To disappear; get lost

Gig - A gang gathering (party, dance)

Give him the big picture - meaning to "hit" someone

Give him a bus ticket home - meaning to "hit" someone

Ghost Town - Bronx, NY

G-name - Gang members street name or monicker

Glass house - A four door automobile (lots of windows or ports))

God Body - A name sometimes used by members of the Five Percenters when referring to themselves or another member

Going Off - Acting crazy

Going on line - To join a gang

Got it going on - A successful person; successful gangster

Graffiti - Signs, symbols, writings, defining a gang's neighborhood, turf, or territory

G-ster - Short for gangster

H8 - Hate; "H" plus eight = hate

HBS - Hanging, Banging, Slanging; Hanging out, Banging, Selling dope

HPL - Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos - Hispanic prison gang

Ham sandwich - Derogatory term for Muslims

Hardcore - Extreme; big time gangster

Hardcore gang member - May be the leader; usually the most violent and street wise

Heart - Courage

Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos - Hispanic prison gang

He's from no where - No gang affiliation

High numbers - Large denominations of money

High rollin - Making money; dealing in drugs

High roller - Usually the leaders who control the drug dealing; those who reap the profits

Hittin up - Putting up graffiti

Holding down - Controlling turf or an area

Holding Aces - I'm unarmed; I need a gun

Holmes - Home boy

Home boy - A fellow gang member from the same neighborhood

Home grown - Born in the hood; a brother from the South

Homey - homie From the same neighborhood; a fellow gang member

Homos - Derogatory term for Ñetas

Hood - Neighborhood; a gangster

Hood Rat - A Black prostitute on crack cocaine

Hooked up - Affiliated with a gang

Hook me up - Set up a deal

Hyna - Girl friend (used by Hispanics)
IG - Imperial Gangsters street gang

IGC - Insane Gangster Crip (west coast)

INP - International Posse; a multicultural Florida based gang

Inca - Highest ranking officer in the Latin Kings

Indios - Spanish for "indian"; used by Barrio Azteca towards fellow gang members

Insane Gangster Crips - West coast set

In the clouds - High on drugs

In the mix - Gang activity

J-1 - Penal code for murder in Kansas

Jacked - Robbed - usually at gun point

Jacked up - Beaten or assaulted

Jammed - Confronted

Jefe - Spanish for "boss" or "chief"

Jet - To run away

Jive - Used instead of "five" by Black Gangster Disciples

Jive Percenter - Used by Five Percenters for someone who does not truly represent the Five Percenters

Joto - Spanish for "homosexual"

Juice - Respect

Jumped in - Initiation into a gang

Jumped out - Process of leaving a gang; usually requires person to survive a beating by 2 or more members

Jumping in - Initiation into gang; requires person to survive beating to show no fear and to defend honor

KKK - Ku Klux Klan

Keep it moving - Forever represent (rep) your set

KHMER - Refers to Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian revolutionary force; found on Asian gang members as a tattoo or in graffiti

Kibbles - N - Bits - Crumbs of cocaine

Kicking it - Taking it easy; relaxing

Kicks - Sneakers

Killa - Killer

Kite - Illegal written prison correspondence; a letter

Knocked - Killed

Ku Klux Klan - White supremacists; Violent history dates to post Civil War

Kool - Everything's all right; it's O.K.

L,L,L,W,U,K - Love, Life, Loyalty, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge - used by Folk Nation

LKK - Latin King Killer

LR - La Raza; Spanish term meaning "Race"

Lady in red - My bitch (lady); Bloods

La Eme - Spanish for the letter "M" - Refers to the Mexican Mafia prison gang

La Trece - Spanish for "the 13"; a reference to Southern California allegiance

Lame - Boring; pitiful as in "That's a lame excuse."

La Raza - Spanish meaning: Race (ethnicity); has been adopted as a gang name in some areas

Live hook up - Phone call made from jail or prison to the outside worLit up - Shot at

Lizard butt - Ugly girl

Loc - Loco; crazy (also lok)

Locs - Dark sun glasses; Folks Nation members

Looking to machine - Seeking sex

Lord Allah - Five Percenters name describing Los Angeles, CA

Low budget - Cheap girl (date)

MM - Mexican Mafia prison gang

MMM - Money, Macks, (weapon) and Murder; money, mayhem, and murder; sometimes money, making more money, and murder

MOB - Member Of Bloods; Money Over Bitches

MOM - Member of Mecca; tattoo worn by a member of the Five Percenters

MSB - Money, Sex, Bitches

MS 13 - Mara Salvatrucha (13 represents South)

Make it hot enough - Prepare for war

Man, The - Police

Maricon - Spanish for "homosexual"

Mark - A wannabe gang member

Marano - Spanish for "pig"; refers to corrections or law enforcement officers

Married - Joined a street or prison gang

Mecca - Name describing Harlem, NY; Also used by Bloods to disrespect Crips - Murder Every Crazy Crip Alive

Medina - Five Percenters name describing Brooklyn, NY

Mission - Contract "hit"; drive by shooting

Mi vida loca - Spanish for "My crazy life"; depicts gangs attitude to life in general

Moniker - Street name; nick name

Morocco - Five Percenters name describing Seattle, WA

Mota - Spanish slang for marijuana

Mushroom - An innocent by-stander in a drive-by shooting

My bad - It's my fault; my mistake

My nine - 9 mm semi-automatic pistol

N/H - Neighborhood

NF - Nuestra Familia - Hispanic prison gang

NLR - Nazi Low Riders - white supremacist street and prison gang

NS - Northern Structure - Hispanic prison gang

NSWP - Neo Supreme White Power

Nation - An alliance or affiliation of many gangs

Nation of Gods and Earths - Five Percenters; God represents the Black man; Earth represents the Black woman

New Jerusalem - Five Percenters name describing State New Jersey

Ñeta - Hispanic gang that formed in prison system in Puerto Rico. Now a very powerful prison gang found mainly in east coast prison systems

Nickel - A 5-year prison sentence

Nickel Bag - $5 worth of drugs

Nickel Bags - Derogatory term for Five Percenters

Norte - Spanish for "north"

ño/Norte 14 - Spanish for"northern" or "from the north"

Northern Structure - Hispanic prison gang

Nosedrops - Drugs; narcotics

Nuestra Familia - Prison gang - Spanish for "Our Family"

Nuttin but gangster - Keeping it real

OB - Original Banga

OG - Original Gangster; usually the founder of the set; upper echelon of leadership in the gang

OPP - Other Peoples Property

OZ - Ounce of drugs

Opposites - Enemies

Original Gangster - A leader; usually the founder of the set; one who moved up to the top, sometimes through attrition

P's - Pachucos

PV - Por Vida; Spanish for; "for life"; "always"

Pachucos - Hispanic street gang formed during the early 1940's; involved in "Zoot suit" riots in L.A.

Packing - To have a gun on your person

Peace out - See you later; goodbye

Peckerwoods - A Caucasian; cracker (Southern slang)

Peep - Look at; listen up; used by Five Percenters to describe the new followers who are learning the philosophy of the group

Pee wees - Young gang members; used as runners and look-outs

Pelon - Spanish moniker meaning "bald" or "baldy"

People Nation - An alliance of many gangs; gangs within this nation wear symbols and identifiers on the left side of the body

Piru - Los Angeles street where Bloods originated; nick name for Bloods

Placa - a gang member's street name

Player - Gang member

Played out - Something that is no longer used

Pop goes the weasel - To kill someone

PoPo - Police

Ports - Windows of an automobile

Por vida - Spanish for: "for life"; "always"

Posse - Synonymous with gang; primarily used on East Coast; Jamaican gang members

Primo - marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine

Puro 13 - Meaning "Pure 13"; a reference to Southern California allegiance

Puta - Spanish for "prostitute"

Put 'em in check - To discipline someone

Put in work - Doing an enemy; do a shooting; a mission

Puto - Spanish for "homosexual"

Puto mark - Crossing out or disrespecting another gangs graffiti

Que pasa - Spanish for "What's happening?"

Que paso - Spanish for "What happened?"

Queen - Female gang member

RIP - Rest In Peace; used in graffiti as a sign of past or futur violence

Rack up - Shop lift in large quantities

Rag - Gang colors

Rata - An informant; snitch

Red Rum - Murder spelled backwards

Red Zone - Prepare for war; get ready

Relative - Blood term for homeboys

Ride - Car

Ride on - To go to a rival gangs neighborhood or turf to fight or do a drive-by shooting

Rifa, rifamos - Spanish slang meaning "We rule", "We reign", "We are the best"

Right Hand Soldier - Term used by some BGD; meaning 2nd in command next to Original Gangster

Rip-off - Steal/take; as in taking drugs from a dealer

Road Dog - Homie; partner; close friend

Rockafella - Rock him to sleep; kill him

Rock star - Crack cocaine user

Rolled up - Arrested

Rollin one time - 5-0 (police) are coming

Rooster - Piru (Bloods)

Rosco - Gun (usually a hand gun)

Ruby Red - Girl; woman; lady; bitch

SLA - Symbionese Liberation Army

SMM - Sex, Money, Murder

STR8 - STR plus 8 = "straight"

SWP - Supreme White Power; also Salvadorians With Pride

sXe - Symbol representing "Straight Edgers

Saggin - Wearing pants real low; gangstering

Salami's - Derogatory term for Muslims

Satin Disciples - White (Caucasian) Disciples gang members

Scarface - New York Bloods

Scary Dudes - Latin Kings

Scrap - Derogatory term used by Norteño (Northern California) gang members to describe Sureño (Southern California) gang members

Seeing eye nigga - I've got your back covered

Sell out - To sell out your race; your set; your gang

Set - Neighborhood gangs; term used for a gang by members of street gangs. Many sets are loyal to the Bloods, Crips, or People or Folks Nations.

Set tripping - To jump from one gang to another

Shank - Home-made prison knife

Shaolin - Reference to Staten Island (NY)

Shive - Home-made prison knife

Shot caller - Gang member in charge

Shovel time - Time to kill or bury someone

Six pack - Police line up of six individuals

Six popping, five dropping - Folk shooting, People dropping (dying)

Slanging - Selling cocaine on the streets

Slipping - Not being alert; not paying attention

Sleeved - Members arms covered with tattoos

Slob - Crips derogatory name for Bloods

Smoke - To shoot someone

Snow cone - An ice pick (used as a weapon)

Soflon - Spanish for informant; snitch; stool pigeon

Soldier - Lower echelon gang member; performs tasks and commits crimes as ordered

Stall it out - To stop doing something; discontinue

Stinger - Prison term: a home-made electrical device to heat water

Store - Prison commissary

Straight (Str8) - For real; serious

Straight Edgers (sXe) - White vegetarians who denounce alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; some prone to violence

Strapped - To be packing (carrying) a gun

Strawberry - A white prostitute on crack cocaine

Sudan - Five Percenters name describing Dallas, TX

Sup - What's up

Sur 13 - Sur - Spanish meaning "south" - 13 indicates allegiance to Southern California

Surat - Derogatory term for Sureño

Sureño /Sureño 13 - Spanish meaning "southern" or "from the south"; 13 synonymous with south

T4L - Thug 4 Life; Thug For Life

TG - Tiny Gangster (young gang member)

TS - Texas Syndicate prison gang

TTTT - Tattoo used by Asian gangs; represents: Tihn (love) Tien (money), Tu (prison), Toi (crime)

Take him out of the box - To kill someone

Tat - Tattoo

Terror Dome - Attica Prison (NY)

Texas Syndicate - Hispanic prison gang

The torch is lit - Gang hit

Thug Life - Popular graffiti and tattoo; also: (1) Blood term: I love my Blood set; (2) Folks Nation Term - "Traditional Hoover UnderGround referring to nations leader Larry Hoover

Thumper - Gun

Tools - corrections term for weapons

To the curb - Broke; no money or drugs

Toss up - A girl used for sex

Trece - Spanish meaning "13" - term used by Hispanics to show allegiance to Southern California

Trey eight - 38 caliber pistol

Triple O - Bloods gangster

Turbo - Marijuana cigarette laced with cocaine

Turf - Gang territory; usually in a neighborhood

Turning out - Disrupting with violence

UBL - Undying Blood Love

UBN - United Blood Nation - an alliance of Blood sets

Up on it - To know about the drug scene; doing well

VL - Vice Lords street gang

Varrio - Spanish meaning "neighborhood"

Vato - Spanish meaning "man", "guy", "dude"

Vato Loco - Spanish meaning "crazy dude", "gangster"

Veterano - Oldest of the gang members; veteran; former member

Vice Lords - Chicago's oldest street gang

Vicky Lou's - Derogatory name for Vice Lords

Vida Loca - Crazy life

WAR - White Aryan Resistance

Wave - Short hair cut

Waz up - What's up; what's happening

West Asia - Five Percenters name describing San Francisco, CA

Wet 'em up - Rap slang: to make someone bleed as in stabbed or shot

What it B like - Bloods member greeting

What it C like - Crips member greeting

Word - O.K.; all right

X3 - 13; relates to Southern California Hispanics

X4 - 14; relates to Northern California Hispanics

XIII - 13; relates to Southern California Hispanics

XIV - 14; relates to Northern California Hispanics

XV3 (18) - 18th Street Gang

YG - Young Gangster - A new member

Y Que - Spanish meaning "So what?" or "What are you going to do about it?"

Z - Frequently replaces letter "S" as in Gangstaz, Thugz for life

Zip gun - Home made pistol

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