Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dot tattos "Los Vatos Locos gang"

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This tatto usually found between the thumb and forefinger. The dots may stand for "mi vida loca" ("my crazy life"). They may also be referred to as "party dots." And finally, they may represent a gang known as Los Vatos Locos gang. Only the person wearing the dots knows what they mean to him or her.

The dots are usually in groups of three or five small dot tattoos. The most common locations are the web of the hands, the wrist and elbows. Members affiliated with the Sureños, or Sur 13, have been known to place three dots on one wrist and a single dot on the other to indicate the number ¨13¨. Members of the Sureños are also known to wear the three dots near the left eye, similar to the photograph below, showing the right eye.

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