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BLOOD alphabet in B letter

blood B letter
'B' on the picture is mean Blood. I think this is Blood piru, may be ... It's the clear sign or clear symbol from the blood gangs or bloods group.

Blood in the music album : piru knoledge

Blood for blood

Blood for blood is a hardcore band from Charlestown, Massachusetts. I like that when watch their video on here. Blood for blood formed as a reaction to the existing heavy music scene in Boston in 1995. For more read here and keep update about blood piru knowledge.

High Blood pressure : dont angry please

high blood pressure and blood piru
Blood Pressure record word

Many people on the word have this sick, I think angry is the reason one. If you join a gangster may be you easy angry and it cause high blood pressure. Be carefully because it will kill you man.

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Blood not just gang : TRUE BLOOD

True blood poster or blood piru

True Blood

true blood TV
True Blood A new series

Now in the Word, blood not just the name of group, name of gangster, and gangstreet but blood is the name of American television drama series. The TRUE BLOOD created and produced by Alan. So, don't false when find all about blood, follow here to get the true infomation.

Blood test : must have the equipment

blood test of symbol and equipment
Blood symbol and equipment

Graffiti font : blood

Bloods Graffiti

Blood graffiti on this post is nice. Read more here and get all about blodd piru knowledge.

Hand gang sign : blood piru knowledge

Number 1 from side Hand gang sign
Number one from side

Blood piru sign of Hand gang signPiru sign

Power of the word and Hand gang sign
Power hand gang sign

Number one Hand gang sign
Number 1 piru Sign

kitchen Crip Hand gang sign
kitchen Crip gang sign

bounty hunters hand gang signs
bounty hanters hand gang sign

blood sausage hand sign gang
blood use age hand gang sign

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Bloods Poster : Not just Graffiti in the wall

BLood piru knowledge, best poster
Blood Poster on this post is from Airmagination not just a poster Creator or Graffiti creator on the wall but Airmagination create a Hood Clothing too.

blood gang alphabet - blood piru knowledge - crip gang codes symbols knowledge - damu knowledge - piru blood gang codes - piru blood walk - tree top piru - united blood nation knowledge - who started bloods.

The largest Gang : Blood piru territorial

Blood piru territorial knowledgeBlood piru territorial

Many Gang or Group and tribes in this area. But You can consider the Blood piru territorial and other gangster territorial. The Blood piru territorial have about 80 percent territorial or area in this place.

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1 BLOOD Gang : Brims Gang

Brims Sign

bellow video about Brims :

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PIRU : Creat best graffiti alphabet
Crip "not exclusively African American gang"

Hand Gang Signs "cousin crips"

Hand Gang Signs, my cousins crip walking
cousin crips

Bellow is the video from cousin crips with Hand Gang Signs on this post. see more the video bellow :

me kyren and my cousins crip walking

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Tree Top Piru - Who Started BloodsUnited - Blood Nation Knowledge

2 Top gangster fight : Who Started Bloods

Piru Blood Walk, crip vs blood
The video on the post show that Crip and Bloodz gangster (the 2 top gangster ) are fighter. I just wonder with this, because they are fight for no reason at all. If you want to show the complete movie watch here.

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PIRU : Creat best graffiti alphabet

Blood piru knowledge, Piru graffiti alphabet
"PIRU", This is just trying write PIRU in Graffiti Alphabet. Piru in this graffiti alphabet is mean in blood piru gangster.

To update information about blood piru knowledge, just follow this blog.

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street gang signs-best bishop

Street gang signs-bishop
Bishop Sign

Many meaning about bishop. The first you will know that bishop is an consecrated member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight.

Street gang signs-blood piru

The Second bishop meaning the name of the street. Bellow the picture of the street. The bishop street located in Armenia.

And the most true meaning of Best Bishop in this post, Bishop is EASTSIDE gangster. "92 BISHOPS BLOODS CK 2 GANG BITCH LOVE IT R HATE IT THATS WATT IT IS". The bishop area is in california, US.

Street gang signs-92bishop

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The Most danger Zone "piru blood walk"

Blood piro walk or piru blood walk have take at 2004. The policy report that the LA gangster is take over. One of Blood piru members talk about piru blood walk, "Its the danger area!". He talk with his two dog.

Tree top piru : At Compton

Tree top piru in Compton.

I show that in Piru member at myspace. This Tree top Piru Symbol codes ( TTP ) like skull with one eye, the skull with two eyes smoking cigars, skull wearing sunglasses.

street gang signs "athens_park"

street gang signs
athens park

Hand sign above is the gang sign for athens park. On the bottom is Athens park members of the community come together at Family Day as peace and hope are becoming a reality in South Los Angeles.

street gang signs, blood piru knowledge

Blood Gang Alphabet : easily learn

Learning about Blood Gang Alphabet is easy is not like the first time you learn alphabet. If you blood gang member, dont skip this post. Stay in Blood Piru Knowledge.

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The best hand gang signs "original"

best-hand-gang-signs-bloods01. Athens Park Boys
02. Bishop
03. Black Stone
04. Bloods
05. Bounty Hunters
06. Brims
07. Compton Crip
08. Crips, Cousin
09. Crip
10. East
11. Fuck You
12. Harlem Crip
13. Hoover Crip
14. Kitchen Crip
15. Mafia Crip
16. Mafia Crips
17. Number Zero
18. Number One
19. Bloods, Piru Street Bloods
20. Power
21. Primo
22. Underground Crip
23. Victory

Yesterday I post one by one, now I post this Complete and the best hand gang signs. if you want more read other post in many LABEL.