Friday, September 25, 2009

Gang Los Angeles Compton Latin Kings

The most interesting thing he said was that alot of gangs are
"soccer related". Peru (and ALL other south american countries) are f*ckin nuts about their soccer teams. There are two teams in Peru. both from Lima, but different parts of the city. kind of like how there are the Yankees and the Mets, or the Cubs and the White Sox.

There are street gangs of fans from one team that form just to fight the fans of the other. From some of the sh*t he told me, there violent as hell.

He also said the whole hip hop "gangsta" image doesn't exist down there.
no one wears fubu or sean john or anthing like that. Apparently there is no gangsta rap influance at all. Its pretty interesting to see how different things are in other countries. Read more here.

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