Tuesday, August 11, 2009

blood piru symbol

Blood Piru Knowledge, crip gang codes symbols knowledge

Blood Piru Knowledge may be youn know about this symbol. Are you seen this motif before? like you'r equipment man!

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blood piru knowledge tattos

Blood Piru Knowledge, crip gang codes symbols knowledge

135 Piru is a Blood set under the Piru Card that originated in Rosewood California right outside of Compton and has spread throughout the United states. 135 Piru is known to have a strong presence in Rosewood & Compton California, Pheonix Arizona, Newark New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, and Houston Texas.

blood piru knowledge : insignia "latin kings"

Blood Piru Knowledge, crip gang codes symbols knowledge

Insignia in the blood piru knowledge is mandatory, with blood piru knowledge so easily recognized, why Blood Piru Knowledge must be so?

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Blood Piru Knowledge : coolest equipment

crip gang codes symbols knowledge

On equipment at the time of action do they always use the color red on the scarf, hat, shoes and others. And in the action they carry pistol that always accompany.

Blood piru knowledge is a symbol with the hand that is known by the group of gangsters, to facilitate their communication and work group or action.

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