Monday, October 26, 2009

Hoover hand signal - tutorials

Follow these 52 hoover crip hand signs tutorials to learn all about 52 hoover crip hand signs with WonderHowTo's collection of free how-to videos and articles, like Crip Walk the gangsta hop, Crip Walk the snake forward one foot, and Crip Walk the V-step forwar. other here.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

PACOIMA Blood Gangs

Happy Balloons and Homicide:

Entering the Dangerous World of Flier Parties Article published by LA Weekly Pacoima, CA | On a recent Saturday night, the "party car" gets word from an undercover officer that a flier party with local gang members attending is about to start on Norris Avenue in Pacoima. Foothill Division Senior Lead Officer Jose Torres, who coordinates the Friday- and Saturday-night party detail, is worried because the house is located on Pacoima Blood gang turf. Within 15 minutes of getting the call, Torres and five other officers pull up to a rented white bungalow. Teenagers are milling about on the front lawn and the street. They scatter when they see the cruisers roll up. Hip-hop music and loud voices blast from the backyard. The six officers walk to the side gate leading to the backyard party and tell the more than 250 partiers, most of whom are Latino and in their teens, to disperse. After a few minutes, the kids begrudgingly
file past the office rs. A teenager complains about losing his $5 entrance fee. The officers continue to the backyard, which is completely dark except for the white Christmas lights around the DJ’s amplifiers and turntables. The cops tell the DJ to pack it up. A handful of stragglers attempt to jump the back fence, but the officers corral them through the side gate. Bottles of beer are scattered on the grass.

One of the partiers, 26-year-old Hector, says he goes to flier parties a lot, since he can’t get into bars because, as a resident of Mexico, he isn’t eligible for a California ID. His friend
Ricardo, the busted party’s DJ, throws parties every weekend in the San Fernando Valley. Word of this party, says Hector, spread from fliers passed out at San Fernando High School.

Officer Torres explains to Hector how dangerous these parties can be. His words fall on deaf
ears. "We will see you next time?" asks Torres. "I guess you will," laughs Hector. This type of intervention is relatively new. Last May, LAPD’s Foothill Division, which patrols the Northeast San Fernando Valley neighborhoods of Sylmar, Pacoima, Arleta, Mission Hills, Sunland, Tujunga, Shadow Hills, Sun Valley, La Tuna Canyon and Lakeview Terrace, started a party-suppression detail, made up of overtime and reserve officers, in the hope of stemming the tide of flier-party violence that has spiked dramatically over the past year.

As if to confirm the need for the detail, 27-year-old Antonio Vasquez and 23-year-old Hector Villareal, both DJ assistants, were gunned down by alleged gang members at a Sylmar party attended by hundreds of Sylmar High School students the very weekend the initiative was inaugurated.

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This is a big CRAB in one restaurant, and what does the word crab mean in relationship with street gangster?? bellow the mean, please see picture :

any street gang use "crab" for they gangs name!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

G Shine Blood Knowledge

written by Costa Counselors at Saturday, 3 October 2009

Father of a young Bloods street gang member who died in a November 2007 drive-by shooting in New Brunswick forgave his son's killer at the man's sentencing Friday, going so far as to tell him to keep in touch."If you want to write to me or talk to me on a personal level you can do that," said Kevin Purnell of Somerset to 21-year-old Morgan Brown of New Brunswick.The comments capped an emotional hearing in which Brown apologized to Purnell and condemned the lifestyle that went with the crime."I'd rather be broke and a bum in the street" than continue living that way, he said. "All

I can say is I'm sorry."Purnell's son, Dyshon Thompson, 24, was gunned down on Hampton Road on Nov. 5, 2007, in front of children playing touch football under street lights in the gang-ridden public housing complex.Brown and his co-defendant, Shakeira Summers, 22, who pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the case, were members of the G-Shine set of the Bloods. A dispute between G-Shine and members of NHB or Neighborhood Bloods, Thompson's set of the gang, sparked the killing.

"This was a classic gang rivalry," said Manuel Sameiro, assistant Middlesex County prosecutor.Brown was firing an AK-47 from the window of the drive-by car and Summers was using a handgun, prosecutors said.The case was marked by the interrelations of victims and shooters and their families. Purnell, who has coached youth football in New Brunswick for nearly 20 years, is friendly with Summers' relatives and appears to have coached Brown when he was a child.Brown's attorney, William Fetky of New Brunswick, argued for a lenient sentence, based on Brown's limited criminal record. Judge Dennis Nieves, while citing Brown's sincerity and remorse, rejected that.

Brown was sentenced to 20 years in prison, part of a negotiated plea with the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office. He must serve 85 percent of it, or about 17 years, before he becomes eligible for parole.

G Shine Blood Knowledge

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por escrito por Costa Consejeros en Sábado, 3 de octubre 2009
Padre de un joven pandillero de calle de las sangres que murió en una unidad de noviembre de 2007 por disparos en New Brunswick perdonó al asesino de su hijo en la sentencia del hombre viernes, yendo tan lejos como para decirle a mantenerse en contacto. "Si usted quiere escribir a mí o hablar conmigo a nivel personal que puede hacer eso ", dijo Kevin Purnell de Somerset a 21 años de edad, Morgan Brown, de nuevos comentarios Brunswick.The coronó una vista emocional en el que Brown se disculpó ante Purnell y condenó el estilo de vida que fue con el delito. "Prefiero que se rompió y un vagabundo en la calle" que continuar viviendo de esa manera, dijo. "Todo lo que puedo decir es lo siento." Hijo de Purnell, Dyshon Thompson, 24 años, fue ultimado a balazos en Hampton Road el 5 de noviembre 2007, frente a los niños que juegan al fútbol bajo las luces de la calle en la banda de la vivienda pública montado complex.Brown y su co-acusado, Shakeira Summers, 22 años, quien se declaró culpable de intento de asesinato en el caso, fueron los miembros del G-Shine conjunto de los Bloods. Una disputa entre el G-Shine y los miembros de NHB o Barrio Bloods, conjunto de Thompson de la banda, provocó la muerte.
"Este fue un clásico de la rivalidad entre pandillas", dijo Manuel Sameiro, asistente del Condado de Middlesex prosecutor.Brown estaba disparando un AK-47 desde la ventana de la unidad-en coche y Summers estaba usando un arma de fuego, los fiscales caso said.The estuvo marcado por la las interrelaciones de las víctimas y los tiradores y sus familias. Purnell, que ha entrenado el fútbol juvenil en Nueva Brunswick, durante casi 20 años, es amable con los familiares de Summers y parece haber entrenado a Brown cuando era child.Brown 's abogado, William Fetky de New Brunswick, abogó por una sentencia indulgente, basado en registro de antecedentes penales de Brown limitada. Magistrado Dennis Nieves, mientras que cita a la sinceridad de Brown y el remordimiento, que rechazó.
Brown fue sentenciado a 20 años de prisión, parte de una apelación negociada con la Oficina del Fiscal del Condado de Middlesex. Debe servir el 85 por ciento de la misma, o alrededor de 17 años, antes de que pueda beneficiarse de la libertad

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Bounty Hunter Gang Signs : Eastside Bounty Hunter Bloods

Before the formation of bounty hunters, the main group in this area was the Green Jackets. The Bounty Hunters started around 1969/1970 and was firmly established in 1972. It is believed that Gary Barker was influential during the early Bounty Hunter. Also Bobby Jack (b. 1955) was one of the founding members. The Bell Haven Bounty Hunters formed around 1978 to the west of Central Avenue, south of the railroad tracks. Around 1981, Renee McGowen began the lot Bounty Hunters. Over time have formed the following subsets; Lot Boys, Block Boys, Bell Haven, Ace Line at 111th Street, Duece line on 112th Street, on 113th Street tray line, four lines at 114th Street, and five lines in the Street 115.

His main area, which is in the Nickerson Gardens housing project is 108th Street (north) to Imperial (south) between Compton Ave (east) on Central Ave (west). Covering an area of 0.54 square kilometers of territory, making them larger Black gangs in Watts.

Bounty Hunter Gang Signs

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