Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bounty Hunter Gang Signs : Eastside Bounty Hunter Bloods

Before the formation of bounty hunters, the main group in this area was the Green Jackets. The Bounty Hunters started around 1969/1970 and was firmly established in 1972. It is believed that Gary Barker was influential during the early Bounty Hunter. Also Bobby Jack (b. 1955) was one of the founding members. The Bell Haven Bounty Hunters formed around 1978 to the west of Central Avenue, south of the railroad tracks. Around 1981, Renee McGowen began the lot Bounty Hunters. Over time have formed the following subsets; Lot Boys, Block Boys, Bell Haven, Ace Line at 111th Street, Duece line on 112th Street, on 113th Street tray line, four lines at 114th Street, and five lines in the Street 115.

His main area, which is in the Nickerson Gardens housing project is 108th Street (north) to Imperial (south) between Compton Ave (east) on Central Ave (west). Covering an area of 0.54 square kilometers of territory, making them larger Black gangs in Watts.

Bounty Hunter Gang Signs

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