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Blood and Crip Compton Gang Territories Area "CITY"

Blood and Crip gang territories of Compton and surrounding unincorporated areas Willowbrook, Athens, rosewood and areas of Carson, Lynwood and N. Long Beach. Notice how the northern part is dominated by Compton gang blood, while the southern part of Compton CRIP has a greater presence.

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NTG Blood Gang Knowledge "Nine Tray Gangsters"

NTG Blood Gang Knowledge-blood piru knowledge-Nine Tray Gangsters

These are the original Fake Blood NATION / 5 POINT STAR sets BLOOD OF PEOPLES: gangsters Miller (MG), Mad Stone Villains (MSV), Valentine Bloods (VB), Nine Tray Gangsters (NTG), G-SHINE ( GKB), One Eight Trey (183), Hit Squad edges FAKE (HSB), not the Real Fake - Blood Stone Villains (BSV), sex, money and Murder (SMM), which was an independent team Medicines first, but when they joined them locked NBF. Now theres MORE nation by Fake Blood. even a new BrIM FAKE - FAKE STONE YORK - FAKE PIRU sets all. You can be member with online, Internet, MySpace, cell phone Blowing Up Group first!

#ScottsDale Piru Squiggly Lane Gangster #Tree Top Piru #Ujima Village Bloods Unton Brims (defunct) Van Ness Gangster Village Town Piru Water Front Piru Weirdoz Blood West Covina Mob West Side Piru - Compton West Side Piru - Carson West Side Piru - West Covina Hacienda Village9#


TTP BLOODS GANG LEADER-tree top piru-blood gang

Baltimore, Maryland - U. S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. sentenced Steve Willock, age 29, of Baltimore, Maryland, 25 years in prison followed by five years of probation after Willock pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to conduct and participate in activities a racketeering enterprise known as the Tree Top Piru Bloods (TTP Bloods), announced the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein and Baltimore City State Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy. This case is the result of a long-term joint investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Baltimore City State Attorney's Office and the Prosecutor of the United States. "We have to coordinate the implementation of laws against gangs," said U. S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. "We are blessed in Maryland, including local, provincial and federal agencies work together to investigate and prosecute violent gangs. I am grateful to prosecutors and local police and corrections officials declare that help in our fight against the whole gang initiative. "

"This federal sentence demonstrates the strength and success of our partnership with the local office of the Prosecutor of the United States to gang violence in Maryland prosecuting, said State Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy." This joint investigation was prepared in response to the expertise of specialized investigative prosecutors who worked with federal troops and local authorities are entitled to a violent drug and its leaders to dismantle. It was a strategic move beyond street-level arrests, inflicting a heavy blow to a violent narcotics gang in Baltimore.

"Here's the proof," said ATF Acting Special Agent in Charge David L. McCain, "that we have a great step forward in the fight against gang violence and violent offender at once."

Under the plea agreement, from a TTP Bloods street gang called "Bloods" that was founded in Los Angeles, California in the early 1970s. As time passed, the Bloods spread to other places and broke into individual "sets." Such Bloods game based in Compton, California was called Piru Bloods. This set was a subset known as Tree Top Pirus (TTP). The name derived from a group of streets in Compton named after trees.

TTP spread throughout the country, including Maryland. TTP in Maryland has its roots in a local gang which began in the detention center in Washington County in Hagerstown, Maryland in about 1999. TTP spread in Maryland, mainly due to recruitment in prisons in Maryland. Over time, a group of female gang members are a subset of TTP Pirette called the Tree Top.

According to the statement of the facts in connection with the conspiracy of TTP gang members would meet regularly, the prior acts of violence and other crimes committed by gang members against members of rival gangs and others to discuss to notify the other about the gang members who were arrested or held to the discipline of TTP gang members to discuss, examine the interaction of police with gang members, sharing with them the identity of individuals who might not coincide with the law and to propose measures to be taken against these individuals , plan and agree on committing future crimes, including murder, robbery, drug trafficking and abuse, and the means to cover these crimes and to strengthen the rules of the gangs. Gang members and associates of TTP TTP purchased, maintained and distributed a collection of firearms used in criminal activities by members of TTP. Besides TTP gang members and associates of TTP acts of murder and other acts of violence against rival gang members and the discipline imposed in TTP itself, and acts of violence committed on other occasions deemed necessary.

Since at least 2005 to February 2008, Willock acted as a leader of the TTP Bloods gang and ran the business of distributing drugs, including prison, where a series of recorded telephone calls, Willock and other conspirators discussed ways to get drugs and have taken to the prison where Willock was housed. Furthermore Willock contact with TTP leaders in Compton, California to California leaders complete history of the band and get them to describe the organization and the leaders of the TTP in Maryland. Willock also used its power to conduct the business of prison gangs, including the ordering of the meetings of the gangs, the degradation of a gang member and advising another that the gang members who are not the rules can be punished.

Twenty-seven additional gang members were indicted in the racketeering conspiracy. Van Sneed, age 32, of Baltimore, Maryland, Shaneka Penix, 22, of Dundalk, and Orlando Gilyard, age 21, of Woodlawn, Maryland, pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy. Gilyard was sentenced to 115 months in prison. Sneed and Penix faces a maximum of life in prison. Cost of other suspects are pending.

United States Attorney Rosenstein and Baltimore City State Attorney Jessamy praised the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore County Police Department, Wicomico County State's Attorney Office, Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, Washington County Narcotics Task Force, Western Correctional Institution, North Branch Correctional Institution, Anne Arundel County Police Department, the New York Police Department and the Department of Public Safety and the Maryland Correctional Services for their investigation of this drug against Organized Crime Enforcement Task Force case.

Mr. Rosenstein and Mrs. Jessamy also thanked Assistant U. S. Attorneys Jason Levin and Steve Weinstein, and U. S. Special Assistant Attorney Christopher Mason, a cross-designated Baltimore City Assistant State Attorney in the prosecution of the case and the Assistant State Attorney Laraia Forrest who assisted in the prosecution.

BLOOD Sets in Compton "Original"

BLOOD Sets-Compton gang-blood piru knowledge-tree top piruYou can see which areas are included in the Compton Bloodz SETS areas. Color - red color indicates areas of BLOOD SET, was the color yellow is the region which is still common Compton.

Blood Gang Alphabet-Piru Blood Walk-Tree Top Piru-United-Blood Nation Knowledge-Bloods Crips Book Of Knowledge-Who Started Bloods-Crip Gang Codes Symbols Knowledge-Damu Knowledge-Piru Blood Gang Codes


Five POINT GANG-blood gang knowledge-LATIN KINGS-crown gang

  1. RESPECT. is for your brother, the crown and the Nation. A brother respect will show high regard to the Nation.
  2. HONESTY. is marked by truth, your word is your crown and your crown is your nation. A king will live by his word
  3. UNITY. is in the condition of being united into a single whole one for all and all for one. THE CROWN SYMBOLIZE ONE PEOPLE-LATINOS.
  4. KNOWNLEDGE. is knowing of your lesson and prayers, gained through the study and experience of your nation.
  5. LOVE. Is what you carry in your heart for your brother and sister of this nation.

BLOOD SETS : Blood PIRU Knowledge

blood-sets-gang-alphabet-graffiti-Los Angeles Blood sets-Crip and Blood sets

135 Piru
456 Island
64 Brims (defunct)
706 Blood
92 Bishops
Acre Hood Piru (defunct)
Athens Park Boys
Aliso Village Brim (defunct)
Avenue Piru Gang
Bartender Piru (defunct)
Be-Bopp Watts Bishops
Black P Stones-City
Black P Stones-Jungles
Blood Stone Pirus
Blood Stone Villians
Bounty Hunters
Campenella Park Piru
Cedar Block Piru
Center Park Blood
Center View Piru
Centinela Park Family
Circle City Piru
Crenshaw Mafia Gang
Cross Atlantic Piru
Dalton Gangster Blood (defunct)
Denver Lane Bloods
Doty Block Gang
Down Hood Mob
East Compton Piru
East Side Piru
Elm Street Piru
Family Swan Blood 89/92
Fruit Town Brims
Fruit Town Pirus
Ghost Town/ES Pain
Harvard Park Brim
Hawthorne Piru
Holly Hood Pirus
Hoover Family (defunct)
Inglewood Family Gang
Jarvis Street Piru (defunct)
Kabbage Patch Piru
Kalas Park Loks
Leuders Park Piru
Lime Hood Piru
Lynwood Mob Piru
Mad Swan Blood
Mid Wilshire Bloods (defunct)
Midtown Family (defunct)
Miller Gangster Bloods
Mob Piru
Neighbor Hood Pirus
Neighborhood Pirus 145
Rollin 20s NeighborHood Blood
Original Block Piru 151
Outlaw 20s
Pacoima Pirus
Parke Nine Bloods (defunct)
Pasadena Denver Lane
ProJect Gangster Blood
Pueblo Bishops 52
Queen Street Blood
Queen Street Blood 76 Block
Rollin 50s Brims
Samoan Warriors Bounty Hunters
Scott Park Blood
ScottsDale Piru
Squiggly Lane Gangster
Tree Top Piru
Ujima Village Bloods
Unton Brims (defunct)
Van Ness Gangster
Village Town Piru
Water Front Piru
Weirdoz Blood
West Covina Mob
West Side Piru - Compton
West Side Piru - Carson
West Side Piru - West Covina
Hacienda Village

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GANG Language Secrets in Court "Bloods Street Gang"

Bloods Street Gang-Language Secrets in Court

I am your smell.

All part of a language, with few exceptions, only understood by members of street gangs Bloods.

But a pleasure hearing Rial in Toms River last week in the case of gang-related intimidation alleged murder, one intelligence experts of the National Police has revealed some secrets of the language of Blood, "including an alphabet used by reverse members for speaking in code to another.

Lieutenant Keith Bevacqua, assistant bureau chief of intelligence of the New Jersey State Police, made the revelations last week Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Rial Daniels earshot easy for the four men of Lakewood, all alleged members of the Bloods street gang.

The suspects, James Russell, 24, and Jamelle Trishawn Scott Cochran and Lee Reeves, 22, are scheduled to stand trial next month for the murder last year Athelm Vazquez.

Vazquez, 55, of Lakewood, was the mother of a teenage friend of the star witness in the trial of Russell, Scott, third man for a brutal murder in a hair salon in Lakewood in 2006. Vazquez was shot by an intruder in his home October 14, hours before the murder trial opened salon in Toms River the same day.

Authorities claim that Russell and Scott, who later was convicted of murdering the hairdresser used Cochran and another man as liaison officers to provide witness to murder Reeves, Christian Vivar Granados, with all others in house. Authorities say Reeves has fled the house without having accomplished the mission because his gun jammed after murdering Vazquez.

Bevacqua is considered by the court as an expert in the Bloods, plus the experience of two decades to investigate them, "said Tuesday that Russell adopted the agenda for Granados killed in appeals from the County Jail the ocean in September last year to have around.

Blood Piru Knowledge-piru alphabet-145 piru hand sign-latin kings knowledge-tree top piru gang signs-gang symbol 7-4-14 represent-ntg blood gang knowledge-Gangsta Disciple gang Knowledge-blood gang learn to stacked-crip gangs map-mob piru knowledge-3 point crown gang-Piru Blood Knowledge from Other Gang Members

piru alphabet "blood knowledge sign"

piru alphabet-145 piru hand sign-latin kings knowledge-Piru Blood Knowledge from Other Gang Members-Blood Piru Knowledge-tree top piru gang signs-gang symbol 7-4-14 represent-ntg blood gang knowledge-Gangsta Disciple gang Knowledge-blood gang learn to stacked-crip gangs map-mob piru knowledge-3 point crown gang

$ - Power and money

0-0 - Double must hail (shotgun)

000 - Blood

001 - Blood love

006 - Silence (used by supporters of Black Gangster)

013 - Get him, assault someone (Bloods)

023 - Watch your back (Bloods)

025 - What are your rank (Blood)

031 - I am blood

041 - Kill the Crip (Bloods)

13 - 13th letter of the alphabet, "M", can be used
marijuana or methamphetamine

13 or XIII or X3 - Symbolizes gangs of Spanish heritage
Showing loyalty to Southern California; Sureño 13 of 13

13 1 / 2 - Displays: 12 jurors, one judge, half-ass chance

14 or XIV or X4 - used by Spanish troops in North --
California (14 letter of the alphabet - N) - 14 norteño, Norte 14

18 - 18th Street Gang

18th Street - City Los Angeles street gang - aligned
Mexican Mafia

100 Proof - The Real Thing

1-15 - As One (Gangster Disciples)

1-1-15 - All As One (GD)

187 - California penal code for murder, can be seen in graffiti as a threat that someone will be slain, that is, John Doe 187, May also be worn as a tattoo

1 AD 7 - See 187 above

211 - California Penal Code - the flight, so Crip term meaning Blood Killer
(2nd and 11th letters of the alphabet - B K

212 - NY telephone area code (Manhattan), and blood-term
(Tampa, FL) Love means blood

274 - Black Gangster Disciples (2nd, 7th and letters of the alphabet 4th) - ODG)

2-15-19 - Brothers of Struggle (2nd 15th and 19th letters of the alphabet) - BOS

2-7-4-14 - Code for Black Gangster Disciples Nation (BGDN-2nd 7th, 4th and 14th letters of the alphabet)

23/24 - Prisoners at the camera - 23 of 24 hours a day

24 / 7 or 247 - constant - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

26ers - Two Sixers - Chicago street gang

3 - 3rd letter of the alphabet: C - frequently used by Bloods to replace the letter C in the words of disrespect Crips Bla3k, Mi3key 3obras Express

3C - 3 = + C Trey - is Spanish word trece meaning the number 13

3 R - respect, reputation, Revenge

311 - Used by Bloods meaning Crip Killer (3rd and letters of the alphabet 11 --

312 - Crip Love - 3rd and letters of the alphabet 12 - CL

360 - Folk Nation - a figure that represents "a complete revolution of knowledge

360 degrees - a "pure" Black Gangster Disciple

40's - 40 grams of malt liquor

410 - Gangster Disciple code "People in the struggle"

420 - Gangster student code for "disturbing disciple" or "Disciples in trouble", also refers to the time of day "pot" smokers light in the place, sometimes in graffiti

415 - Gang name taken from the area code for San Francisco, CA area

5 - Number symbolic to People Nation

The following terms are slang terms used for blood failure Crips and Folk Nation

5 Baggins 6 / HANGIN
5 FLAGGIN 6 / Draggin
5 POPPIN 6 / Droppin
5 Buckingham 6 / duckin
5 Alive 6 / MUST DIE
5 cKlippin Drippin `6
5 Gunnin `6 RUNNIN`
5 PIMPIN '6 'Limpin
5 LeadIn 6 BLEADIN "

5 in the air ..... 6 Must Die - Revenge, a popular member slain Nation - a retaliation against a nation, the Folks

5%, 5% there - Five Percenters

5 Percent - Five Percenters

5 Point Star - Symbolic to the People Nation

5 Poppin, 6 Droppin - People Nation - Term used for non-compliance with the gangs in the Folks Nation, People Nation (5) members shooting at Folk Nation (6) members

5-0 - Police

510 - Oakland, CA area code used by some for the location of their gang or set

50/50 - neutral, non-gang member

5150 - A reference to a code of California for mental health can be used to indicate the mental state of a person. Can also indicate a threat by the 5th and 1st letters of the alphabet "E" and "A" and the number of police jargon for "50" means that all police remove

6 - Number symbolic to Folk Nation

6-6-2 - MOB The figures represent the letters on the telephone keypad

6-6-6 - Symbol for Aryan Brotherhood, Folks and CRIPS, so satanic cults

6 Point Star (of David) - Symbolic to gangs within the Folk Nation

6 Poppin 5 Droppin - Folk Nation - Term used for non-compliance with the gangs in the nation's popular Folk Nation (6) members shooting at People Nation (5) members

7 - refers to the 7th letter of the alphabet "G" can represent G for Gangster or G for God (Five Percenters)

7-4 - Code for Gangster Disciples (4th and 7th letters of the alphabet) - GD

730 - New York branch of law dealing with mental health assessments, used by the Bloods, describes the "crazy"

737 - Telephone keypad Representative PDS Public Enemy Number One Death Squad

88 - white racists - Heil Hitler (8th letter of the alphabet - H)

8-Ball - 1 / 8 gram of cocaine with Crips Folk Nation Alliance

911 - Please note that the police are

piru alphabet-145 piru hand sign-latin kings knowledge-Piru Blood Knowledge from Other Gang Members-Blood Piru Knowledge-tree top piru gang signs-gang symbol 7-4-14 represent-ntg blood gang knowledge-Gangsta Disciple gang Knowledge-blood gang learn to stacked-crip gangs map-mob piru knowledge-3 point crown gang

blood gang alphabet and crip gang alphabet is different

crip-gang-alphabetcrip gang alphabet

blood gang alphabet

although both are almost the same alley, but the crip and blood gang alphabet has a different like the picture above. Trus Follow the information here.

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5 Star Piru BlooD Gang

Bloods members identify themselves by means of various gang indicators, such as colors, clothing, symbols, tattoos, jewelry, graffiti, language, and hand signs. The Bloods gang color is red. They like to wear sports clothing, including team "Starter" jackets that show their gang color. Some of their favorite teams include the San Francisco Forty Niners, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Bulls. They are also known to Dallas Cowboys apparel, which carry the logo contains a five-pointed star.

The most common Bloods symbols include the number "5" Five-pointed star, and the five-pointed crown. These symbols are meant to show the Bloods connection "with people Nation, a grand coalition of subsidiaries established to protect members of the alliance within the federal and state prison systems.

Bloods-leden Zich Identificeren Door middel van bende Verschillende indicatoren, zoals kleuren, kleding, symbolen, Tatoeages, sieraden, graffiti, taal, en met de hand tekenen. Blood bende kleur is rood. Ze vinden het leuk om te dragen Sportkleding puts inbegrip van Team Starter vesten die getuigen HUN bende van kleur. Sommige van hun favoriete teams bestaan uit San Francisco veertig Niners, Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Bulls. Ze zijn ook bekend bij Dallas Cowboys kleding, waarvan het logo Dragen Bevat puntige een vijf-ster.

De meest gebruikte symbolen Bloods onder meer het aantal "5," De Vijf puntige ster, en de kroon vijfpuntige. Symbolen Bedoeld Deze zijn om te laten zien aansluiting Blood 'met de mensen Nation Coalitie van een Grote filialen opgericht om leden van de Alliantie Beschermen te binnen de federale in national gevangenis systemen.


Blood gang design creator "blood walking shirt and color"

Blood gang design creatorMany of the usual style used by the Piru Blood gang, which of them is visible at the top. The colors are often used is predominantly red and black, like the color of blood.

Piru Girl in action "piru members with piru blood gang shirt"

piru members with piru blood gang shirt-blood piru knowledgeOne member of the Piru Blood gang were all wearing red clothes. The color red is the mainstay of the Piru Blood gang. I took this picture from girl myspace profile. keep follow here.

blood gang with "money"

Download video

Money is no every think on the blood gang. But soliders is number one. Money is importing but not everythink. May you will know this if you be a blood members. keep follow information about blood piru knowledge here.

Blood piru knowledge "music Suge Knight"

Blood piru knowledge-tree top piru-blood gang-crip gang code

Officialsugeknights LA city asked a judge to ban members of the Mob Piru Bloods gang hanging around a neighborhood of Compton. Label Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, who was a partner called Bloods, often with the signature red color of the strip, was named in the request. "It's crazy," Knight said in the LA Times. "I am a 42-year-old businessman, not a gang member. I do not even live in Compton." If the prohibition is granted, the prohibition of the Bloods members drinking in public carrying of weapons - already crime in most places is not it? - And the collection of 10 pm Knight calls the effort a command stunt "advertising" of the city.

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Gang Sweep "Bloods clique-compton area"

Bloods clique-compton area-blood gang-blood alphabet-hand sign-blood alphabet

Sweep of about 450 agents to the Mob Piru faction leads to 16 arrests, including three in a murder case. Staff Deptartment Los Angeles County Sheriff's Watch a man detained during a gang sweep conducted to crack down against a gang of violent Bloods gang, centered in the Compton area.

The Piru Bloods gang Member arrested Cedar Hills

Piru Bloods gang Member

On April 2, 2009, the E. U. Manhunt Marshal Oregon and Washington County Interagency Gang Enforcement Team (iGet) Beaverton Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit and the Metro Gang Task Force arrested Damien Ray Garza in robbery fugitive warrant issued by the Police Department Lakewood (Pierce County, Washington). The request comes from a gang and murder, related in Washington State. (I bet that is half-Brazilian with some periwinkles stranded Momma target of Mexican Los Angeles, where babies reference are gang members.)

On March 26, 2009, the Gang Related Homicide members to Blood piru gangs occurred in Seattle, Washington. Lakewood, Washington is located in Pierce County, Washington, near Tacoma. The detectives from the Lakewood Police followed the suspect, 18, Damien Ray Crane, in Beaverton, Oregon. Detectives contact the Lakewood Police Department's Criminal Investigations Unit Beaverton. Beaverton detectives found several addresses in Beaverton and unincorporated Washington County. Beaverton detectives and members of the Washington County Interagency Gang Enforcement Team worked for the family of the accused to determine where it could be suspended.

On April 2, 2009, the E. U. Marshal Oregon Fugitive Task Force and the Metro Gang Task Force added to the survey. Around 2:15 pm, Garza was seen leaving the apartment of a relative in the block population of approximately 10,700 of SW Butner Road, in the census of Cedar Hills community. He was arrested without incident by E. U. IGet marshals and investigators. Lakewood police detectives arrived at the place where the arrest was made, and continue his research at the moment. Heron will be housed at the county jail in Washington about the arrest of fugitives for extradition to Washington. There were no complaints against him in Oregon.

Piru blood Myspace Layout Searches

Piru Blood - Bloodz Piru MySpace Layout PreviewPiru Blood - Piru All Day MySpace Layout PreviewBlood Gang Layouts - Blood Walk MySpace Layout PreviewPiru - Bloods 4 Life MySpace Layout PreviewPiru Blood - Solid Black MySpace Layout PreviewThe Game Blood - Bloodz Piru MySpace Layout PreviewPiru Blood - Get Money MySpace Layout PreviewBloods - Piru Bloodz MySpace Layout PreviewPiru - BLOOD AFFILIATION MySpace Layout PreviewThe Game Blood - Bloodz Piru MySpace Layout PreviewOne Blood - One Blood MySpace Layout PreviewOne Blood - Blood MySpace Layout PreviewPiru - Piru All Day MySpace Layout PreviewPiru - Xray Black MySpace Layout PreviewPiru - SB Dunks TINY! MySpace Layout PreviewThe Game Blood - Red Bandana MySpace Layout PreviewThe Game Blood - Black/red MySpace Layout PreviewCrip Killer - Piru Bloodz MySpace Layout PreviewBloods - Goonies MySpace Layout PreviewBloodz - Piru Bloodz MySpace Layout Preview

It is some sample Piru blood Myspace Layout. You are will cool with this Layout, try some Piru blood Myspace Layout here. Keep follow blood piru knowledge here. thanks god!