Monday, August 24, 2009

GANG Language Secrets in Court "Bloods Street Gang"

Bloods Street Gang-Language Secrets in Court

I am your smell.

All part of a language, with few exceptions, only understood by members of street gangs Bloods.

But a pleasure hearing Rial in Toms River last week in the case of gang-related intimidation alleged murder, one intelligence experts of the National Police has revealed some secrets of the language of Blood, "including an alphabet used by reverse members for speaking in code to another.

Lieutenant Keith Bevacqua, assistant bureau chief of intelligence of the New Jersey State Police, made the revelations last week Superior Court Judge Wendel E. Rial Daniels earshot easy for the four men of Lakewood, all alleged members of the Bloods street gang.

The suspects, James Russell, 24, and Jamelle Trishawn Scott Cochran and Lee Reeves, 22, are scheduled to stand trial next month for the murder last year Athelm Vazquez.

Vazquez, 55, of Lakewood, was the mother of a teenage friend of the star witness in the trial of Russell, Scott, third man for a brutal murder in a hair salon in Lakewood in 2006. Vazquez was shot by an intruder in his home October 14, hours before the murder trial opened salon in Toms River the same day.

Authorities claim that Russell and Scott, who later was convicted of murdering the hairdresser used Cochran and another man as liaison officers to provide witness to murder Reeves, Christian Vivar Granados, with all others in house. Authorities say Reeves has fled the house without having accomplished the mission because his gun jammed after murdering Vazquez.

Bevacqua is considered by the court as an expert in the Bloods, plus the experience of two decades to investigate them, "said Tuesday that Russell adopted the agenda for Granados killed in appeals from the County Jail the ocean in September last year to have around.

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