Monday, August 24, 2009

NTG Blood Gang Knowledge "Nine Tray Gangsters"

NTG Blood Gang Knowledge-blood piru knowledge-Nine Tray Gangsters

These are the original Fake Blood NATION / 5 POINT STAR sets BLOOD OF PEOPLES: gangsters Miller (MG), Mad Stone Villains (MSV), Valentine Bloods (VB), Nine Tray Gangsters (NTG), G-SHINE ( GKB), One Eight Trey (183), Hit Squad edges FAKE (HSB), not the Real Fake - Blood Stone Villains (BSV), sex, money and Murder (SMM), which was an independent team Medicines first, but when they joined them locked NBF. Now theres MORE nation by Fake Blood. even a new BrIM FAKE - FAKE STONE YORK - FAKE PIRU sets all. You can be member with online, Internet, MySpace, cell phone Blowing Up Group first!

#ScottsDale Piru Squiggly Lane Gangster #Tree Top Piru #Ujima Village Bloods Unton Brims (defunct) Van Ness Gangster Village Town Piru Water Front Piru Weirdoz Blood West Covina Mob West Side Piru - Compton West Side Piru - Carson West Side Piru - West Covina Hacienda Village9#

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