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Gangsta Killer Blood "Blood Knowledge"

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Gangster kill some on The shop. That is some gang over on word! keep all here. thanks for you all,

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hoova crip knowledge

hoova crip knowledge

Hoava mean a hoover too. On this post We write some about ALPHA BET HOOVERS :

A = Always
b = BUD, Blacc.
D = Dedication, devotion, disciples.
E = enemy.
F = follow, FOLK, fork.
G = Gangxta
H = Hoovers
K = KILL, kings, Kindom.
L = Love, Life, loyalty.
M = Money, SCAM, the murder.
N = NOW, ever.
O = our side.
P = power.
Q = Queen
R = RIDE, reality.
S - SELF, Sheeba.
V = victory of the victim.

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BLOOD Gang Signs Gang Signs

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Hoover Bloods "Gang Live"

A gang of criminals in Los Angeles, probably the most important, says Hoover St. running through all of LA. Hoover Crips, Bloods and ESES. Hoover Black Caps to say "Gruv" more cuz / blood.

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Tree Top Piru Hand Signs "TTP" say that you are not learning anything here at The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st century. Whether you in a freestyle rap battle in Compton, or just "keep it real" in your hand.
Thank's for all, just give some basic knowledge here!

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BLOOD AND Korean schoolgirls "Blood Pledge"

Four high school girls make a pact to die together, but if the owner of "Blood Pledge" goes horribly wrong, suspicion, paranoia and guilt cause a fatal rupture in their relationship.

Even with a plot twist and an assumption widely used, with a cast of beautiful girls in uniform, to attract some of the public especially among adolescents.

The South Korean film has been sold to a distributor for the Asia South-East. Conversations remake have been reported.

Although Lee Jong Yong as the personal signature of the director is small, it does capture the elusive and fragile nature of teenage female friendships, while the infusion of sufficient power to save the movie from total anesthesia. However, as horror films go well, it never deterred more than long hair of their applicability and blood stained face, making it the most classic Yeogogodam series of horror films in high schools girls, including "Whispering Corridors" and "Memento Mori."

Korean schoolgirls in BLOOD PLEDGE^

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Blood Pledge Gang

Comment about Pledge :
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Blood Nation. I swear my heart and my soul to the option-N to all my brothers and sisters in the UBN "UBL" or any other nation, part of the Bloods. I pledge to the flag to represent the death of me. Nobody or nothing will be allowed to come before my almighty Blood Nation. I give my life and take one for my UBN "Osama bin Laden." With this oath, I promise to life "UBN Osama bin Laden", and all his sets. RIPOG Tye.
WHAT IS RED look like?

I'm 5 poppin 6 droppin crip Killin my crucifixition. When I look at the sky and watching the tears fall from 5 under my right eye. Dam I miss my O.G. Tye.
What is the blood gang pledge?

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Bloods Signs "Like BLOOD on the Wall"

Bloods Signs-tree top piru hand signs-hoover bloods
Like BLOOD on the Wall

These signs, because they appear only when you want (as opposed to types identifier above), usually the most consistent in the different regions. Many of these hand gestures are very close to signing other municipalities, which can cause confusion amongst gang members, non-gang members, gang and anti-government. also known as "walking".

#bloods signs-blood pledge gang-tree top piru hand signs-hoover bloods-blood gang signs-hoova crip knowledge-latin king knowledge#

Blood and Crip Gang "REAL Peace!"

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Crip and Blood is the biggest gang, they used to so many victims of this gang feud second. Many are willing to die because of problems between this alley. But this is the end of a lasting peace, blue and red.

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united blood nation knowledge

united blood nation knowledge-blood gang

rule ORGANIZATI ON united blood nation :

1.In our organization of * 000 * we do not steal (RATS )!!!!!

2. In our organization of * 000 * we have no rapists !!!!!!

3. In our organization of * 000 * we will respect every * G * individually

4. In our organization of * 000 * we will respect all * COMMANDIN officers

5. In our organization of * 000 * You will never argue in outcasters.

b. Every * G * must never respect a commander COMMANDIN !!!!!

7. Every * G * must be colors (red flag) or 000 beads for he can know who are his * G *

8. Every * G * must show respect to others to receive that RESPECT!

9. Every * G * must give to other agencies for all * G * can receive RESPECT!

10. Every * G * must never talk to one of its own outcaster * 000 * in each


11. We should never deny your * 000 * a tray of food or something to eat!

12. You should never * 000 * kindness for weakness at any moment


13. You should never refuse a 31st meeting unless you visit your family or go to the hospital or funeral

14. You should always alert mind and going to court or to an area around you

15. You are responsible for your brother and actions, and everything

that can happen!

16. You should never start a conflict unless it is important because

everything you do is every * 000 * alwaiiz store

your supreme mind to it!

17. We must never with your hands with a Bloods * * to


18. It will not be accepted in our organization for the protection drug or reason5!

19. In other religions a * G * has you must always remember that

* 000 * is always # 1!

20. For every * 000 * is the house or go to the north the clothes you do not send home ... You can always get a box of clothing in your own house or dorms for when we have a * G * coming in.

21. Each home a treasure chest * if * our * 000 box coming

by the offer that you can use * G * with something like soap, food, shampoo,

roll-on, powder or clothes.

22. Each * 000 * a state of obedience for others outside our figure

can not judge us by what we are and what our organization can achieve!

23. Each * 000 * must salute his * 000 * G * every day with authority!

24. You should never respect your fellow * G * by steal or steal

themselves or someone else around the perimeter.

25. For every * 000 * G * in our organization, he must know that our safety

weapons, and if he needs a burner. We should never hesitate to ask for protection.

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