Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BLOOD AND Korean schoolgirls "Blood Pledge"

Four high school girls make a pact to die together, but if the owner of "Blood Pledge" goes horribly wrong, suspicion, paranoia and guilt cause a fatal rupture in their relationship.

Even with a plot twist and an assumption widely used, with a cast of beautiful girls in uniform, to attract some of the public especially among adolescents.

The South Korean film has been sold to a distributor for the Asia South-East. Conversations remake have been reported.

Although Lee Jong Yong as the personal signature of the director is small, it does capture the elusive and fragile nature of teenage female friendships, while the infusion of sufficient power to save the movie from total anesthesia. However, as horror films go well, it never deterred more than long hair of their applicability and blood stained face, making it the most classic Yeogogodam series of horror films in high schools girls, including "Whispering Corridors" and "Memento Mori."

Korean schoolgirls in BLOOD PLEDGE^

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