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piru gang knowledge : meaning

piru blood gang

In late 1971 the Avalon Garden Crips and the Inglewood Crips joined forces with the other crip sets. The Crips began to expand to non-crip gang territories. On the edges, which began in 1969 on the Westside a powerful street gang, but they are not Crips and the Blood alliance had not been established. Several gangs which eventually became part of the Blood Directive family are al

There were also the Piru Street Boys in Compton, the Bishops, Athens Park Boys and the Denver Lanes. The Pirus, which are now hanging with the Crips Bloods before 1972. For a short time they were known as the Piru Street Crips, and they wore the traditional blue rags (bandana) as part of their clothing.

During the summer of 1972, the Compton Crips and the Pirus had a conflict, and a set of rumble strips in place. The Pirus were numbered and the Crips prevailed. The Pirus wanted to terminate peaceful relations with the Crips so they turned to the Lueders Park Hustler back-up. They agreed and a meeting was called Piru Street. The Crips had murdered an LA Brim at the beginning of the year, so the Pirus asked the parties to attend too. The others present were the Denver Lanes and Bishops1.
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How to fight against bullying crip was discussed with the creation of a new alliance for the Crips. At that time, the color of bandannas was not important, but since the Crips were known to wear blue Bandanas Pirus and the other groups decided to stop wearing blue bandannas. She decided to wear the color red, and created a United Nations that later became known as the Bloods. The Pirus, edges, Athens Park Boys and people decided to unite with the Bloods, and soon after the other groups who have been threatened or attacked by Crips Bloods.


The United Blood Nation, simply the Bloods, formed in 1993 in New York City on the system of prison Rikers Island GMDC (George Mochena Detention Center), also known as C-73. GMDC was used to separate the problem of prisoners from the rest of the detention center. Before this period, the Latin Kings were the most prevalent and organized gang in the prison system in New York. The Latin Kings, with most Hispanic members, were targeted African American inmates with violence. These African American inmates, organized by some of the more violent and charismatic inmates, formed a protection group that blood Nation. The blood of the United Nations, which was actually a prison gang emulating the Bloods street gang in Los Angeles, California. Several of the leaders of these prison gangs formed eight newly created original Blood sets to recruit in their neighborhoods in the city of New York. These originals were: Mad Stone Villains (MSV), Valentine Bloods (VB), Nine Trey Gangsters (NTG), Gangster Killer Bloods (GKB), One Eight Trey (183) Bloods, Hit Squad edges (HSB), Blood Stone Villains (BSV) and Sex Money and Murder (SMM).
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In 1996, thousands of members of street gangs have blood to be a formidable force among gangs and continued a steady drive for recruitment. At this point, the Bloods were more violent than other gangs but much less organized. Many slashing (razor blade or knife attacks) were reported during robberies and discovered to initiations in the Bloods. Blood in ritual became the trademark for the Bloods. Bloods recruited throughout the East Coast and began to expand their drug networks rapidly. Blood gangs can be found in the New York area, Upper New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Hagerstown, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to name a few.
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Recently, gangs of blood are a favorite target of law enforcement on the basis of their relationship to violence. Bloods will commit violence against other Blood sets and there is no national or regional leadership or connections. According to some sources, East Coast Bloods and West Coast Bloods conducted a series of meetings in 1999 and formed the United Blood Nation as a way to align all Blood gangs as one nation in the sense of strength and unity . This alleged unification resulted in the Bloods referring to themselves as Damu, a Swahili word synonymous for Blood.
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Bloods refer to each other as Dawg (dog). They will burn a triangular shape, upside down, like a dog paw on their upper arm. The three circular burns, usually from a cigarette, can be found on a member of the Bloods. Some Bloods have a tattoo of a dog, a bulldog generally, like the Mack Truck logo. Bloods use the acronym MOB (Member of Blood or Money Over Bitches) to be identified. This can be seen as a burn scar or sometimes a tattoo. The Bloods have recently, in 2000, is more complex and connected to their People Nation affiliation.

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