Monday, August 17, 2009

Blood piru graffiti : the meaning of graffiti

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[GRAFFITI] The meaning of the slogans

Writing on the walls, often engraved message or logo, which also contains information on crime, gang activity, and the group, and copyright. City of Bethlehem, police logos, images and notes for the exchange of information with other bodies of the police. Writing on the walls must be registered with the police, have been removed.

Including the old national famous "blood," and "Crips" and "Latin Kings." Hassan Omar, in various cities of Indonesia. Most of the elderly members of the national team, as well as the only region of the tradition of the old and the teenager. Must be a serious band. Gang members from participating in the crime and drug trafficking, or a set of "wants is one among the young, and social intervention. Graphics used by the police to a gang gang membership, and competition, along with more - more big and old, were also contributing to the commission of crimes in the future . writings on the walls, for example, is "a band of the day." and this is the distinction between the "GKB" - which means "Gangsta health killer" and said that "110%" blood. " Eastside "to the people of this region.

Up date all about blood piru here. Comment please if you have other think about that. thanks all ...

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