Thursday, August 27, 2009



Basikally blood that click on one of BLOOD fam was dominant NHB's R'20. Our Klick is Kalled. well to tell u da truth we all goin through some name changes as different names in exxplains graffiti. But essentially, we Kalled "8 Mile Young Thugz" AKA "Lunatik" We have a myspase musik bekause neighb we love the Illest shit you ever heard spit, so Look for BL20D. Ima spit a little story about how NHBL20DS started and how 8MI YT'z AKA Lunatik started with a lil later .. Well, I think the future .. It is a strange story about how the NHB 20's got started this way in the murder mitten state of Michigan. The house had a book Kalled Smokey "Home Of The Body Bags" is a true story, written by Terrell Wright Cortez aka Loko. Well, I looked at the book and fell on the big address Lokos home. I wrote to him, he wrote me back and I never Sines bl20din basikally. da rest is history. Terrell "LOKO" Wright is the author of the best in da world. if B is fetching her books He received 2 released "Home Of The Body Bags" and "Reveloutions an ordinary childhood." Homey plans Writtin pounds whole lotta shit that support the major national and purchase of blood you wont be disappointed! One of the pigeons in Kalifornia kouple homies wanted me after they hook up, so anyone who wants to write please em. let them know-you plug their homepage myspase Loko Kay NHB 20s. Ill post later with their addresses. See below for addresses INFLUENSES. Quick shout out to my pigeons in Kalifornia. Shout to all the people my Thugz. Shout out to all my BLOODS Rollin 20's Neighborhood Akross the United States and even overseas. If you have a pigeon or even a blood and enter into such an BLooD show some love.

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