Thursday, August 27, 2009

70 Armed Blood and over 200 Crip armies "Possible"

70 Armed Blood and over 200 Crip armies-blood piru knowledge

How is it possible to 70 armed blood to exist in a pool of over 200 Crip armies? How many of you have thought seriously about these dynamics? The Blood armies are clearly in a minority of some 3-1 in a city dominated Crip, region, especially when comparing the numbers: 70 of blood, but not only armies still exist, but they are growing and prosper as never before. But how is this possible? How can an army Sang existence, especially when the boundaries were made on all sides by hostile armies Crip, who always bend their will to another blood rival relegated to the afterlife? Blood of every army that exist within its own borders, they can easily be surrounded by three (3) or more armed CRIP.

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