Monday, August 31, 2009

Skyline Gang San Diego

Skyline gang san diego

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  2. thanks for your comment, Iam sorry for my bad sentence. ^^

  3. Well you will be real sorry when they haul your asses into court for a variety of reasons. The OG's will tell you it's not wise to advertise this shit on the net or wax. Just ask Mitchy and he's no OG, oh thats right your from Skyline. Talk to some Brim folks then, their the true OG's. XoxO P.S. At least your polite!

  4. Iam sorry my freinds, becouse I just copy and paste. may be next post I write a source of the post.

  5. .......I just hate to see you all going through this needless BS injunctions and shit. I'm the Mrs. of a OG Brimster. It just get's old. We get old. We need to learn from our mistakes otherwise we do not grow. If I did not care I would not say anything. Much Love & Peace! Tracey Easter Esco....check out my myspace photo's I'm a photographer.

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