Monday, August 31, 2009

Skyline Piru : blood piru knowledge

Skyline Piru : blood piru knowledge

80s Park Skyline Piru is the largest (with some island residents) gang in San Diego. They work in the southeast and are locked with next door neighbor's Bang Oferell 60s Bloods Park and Paradise Hills Park Side in the Lincoln Park Bloods 50s. Lincoln Park is also active in the South and scared green cloths. Lincoln Park was once a Piru gang until there were many murders once between Lincoln Park and Skyline Piru Piru. These two gangs have taken to it as the most friends of my generation remember. Prolly since '79-'80. I'm not a Skyline, but grows in the region, I was friends with the members of the SP and OPB.

Skyline is
Skyline Piru 69st.Tops Park (Top Of The Boys Hills)
Skyline Piru 69st.Bottoms (LowBottoms)
Skyline Piru GPM (Ganster Mafia Pimp clicked Oferell Park 60s / MOC 68th Street Gang)
Oferell Park's 60 68th Street Gang Bang / OPB GPM

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  1. i wanna be jumped into skyline, like real shit ive been waitin

  2. u got to b a underling first we dont just take in anyone fam
    but i love seeing niggas still wanting to get down